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  1. Nice..... play keys here.... what type of stream/trout would you use that fly for? do you fish it on the bottom/surface film? Thanks, Joeypm
  2. I found a cheap uv light at led wholesalers... do a google. .... it is400nM for about 7.50 stronger and much cheaper then the cheap loon mini
  3. Joeypm

    UV Glue

    I just received my clear cure goo fleck.... Ive read that most do have a tackiness to them and you have to coat them... the main reason im posting is I found a UV light much cheaper and stronger then the loon mini... do a google search for led wholesalers .... I paided like 795 for this light I just recieved.... 400nM which is stronger then loons.... plus its very nicely made... aluminum that takes three AAA batteries... Just my 2 cents, Joepm
  4. Hello, Has anyone tried to use antron dubbing instead of yarn. Its hard to find the yarn so I was thinking today to make a dubbing loop with antron dubbing? Im looking a making a segmented caddis body and the pattern called for antron yarn... I stopped at local fly tying store but all they have is the dubbing? Any Idea out there. thanks, joeypm
  5. Everyone, Thanks for all the replies..... Rodd thanks again and I see you live in Pa. Do you ever fish the little lehigh? I live like 6 miles from there maybe we can drop a line somtime? Thanks again to all .... I'll take the advice and hopefully get more consistent!!!! Joeypm
  6. Rodd Gunn ( is that just clever or is that your real name?) I like it either way. Thanks so much for the reply.... you suggested some great stuff.... I guess what I realy need to know is... I have a hackle gauge on my vise. I thought this was just for dry fly hackle? Is this what I should be using even for wooly buggers? or is there a wooly bugger gauge? Flytire... thanks for the link..... Joeypm
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to get a consistent looking wooly bugger. The problem im having is the hackle used for the palmering of the body. I was wondering if there is size chart (hackle gauge) for what size hackle to palmer the body with? Im using larger webby feathers but 8 times out of 10 they are just to big. There has to be some way to gauge this.... I know some of you tie a consistent bugger... please share the type of feather and how you size it... thanks in advance, joeypm
  8. Thanks for you comments... the Ostrich is umpqua
  9. My first attempt at a quigley sulfur cripple. Hook: Mustad 94840 #14 Thread: pale yellow 6/0 Hackle: Natural Grizzly Wing: Natural Gray Deer Hair- costal deer Body; Natural Gray Ostrich Herl Ribbing: Fine Gold Wire Tail: Natural Gray Ostrich Herl Thorax: Super Fine Pale Yellow Let me know what you think. Also how do you keep the Deer hair from flairing above the eye. In the pictures in steps for creating it seems the hair was out over the eye. see link below http://stevenojai.tripod.com/quigcrip.htm
  10. Ok, Thanks to all for their thoughts. I went early to the show friday since it was my 50th birthday I took the day off!.... I purchased a rite standard... And yes i know the tyer makes the fly but after all these years I think it will help with tension. Also picked up 2 necks some deer tails for clouser minnows. And some tips and hints from the likes of Cathy Beck. Also saw a neighbor 2 doors down from me at one of the tying booths. Flies by George. Had a great time then the wife took me to Maggianos littly italy.... we came home with 2 bags of leftovers..... again thanks to all and tie one on!
  11. Going to Somerset fly show this friday or saturday. After checking my supplies (for what to buy its my 50birthday friday) I was wondering what bobbin everyone uses. I've broken 1 or 2 ceramic purchased at cabellas ( blue plastic with ceramic tube) and I want to purchase at least two at the show. What should I buy... ceramic but what brand do most of you like? thanks again, Joeypm... man im getting old!!!!
  12. Hi all, With all the experiance on this forum I have a question. What dubbing would you consider the best for dry flies. In asking this question I know there are both naturals and man made. If you could elaborate on both, what type of stream/river, and in what state or country. Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge, Joeypm Fishing mostly Eastern and Central Pa
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