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  1. Thanks chemprof.I'll try acetone,You wuoldn't happen to know why 5minute epoxy whitens after some abuse and its been wet (fished).I hope acetone doesn't somehow impart this attribute to regular epoxy. thanks again go get em TW
  2. could someone tell me how you thin epoxy so you get a nice thin application.Often it's to thick and makes my chronies too bulky!thanks for the help.TW
  3. hey stu i was wondering if you might be willing to share fishing techniques for buzzers . cheers tw
  4. if someone could help me figure out how to post pics i would really appreciate it thanks .i bring up my file click add attachments wait and my post has no image??
  5. hey kt ,thanks for the info on turnover.i'll try it towards the end of next week if i can.when i asked if you had a gmc i was offering not asking,i thought if you were a chromie only guy i'd help you out but thats not the case .my chronies all look like flytire's with orange,yellow and green beads you should try them I think in a cloud of naturals they look like ice cream.if you do ever want to divulge maybe we'll go you show I show.GO GET EM TW
  6. hey KT ,when i was at that lake last spring the fish were all 18" cookie cutters and easy fishing although it was really busy. I assume those fish are about 22" now and a little smarter ?? probably even busier now !have the hatches started ??? do you have a gmc in your box? my go to.go get em ! TW
  7. hey guy's sorry if you guys won't talk fishing only tying my apologies .i was only curious as living in merritt b.c. canada I fish mainly chirinomids and thought you may use an entirely different approach.heres one of my favorites and the natural. go get em....er sorry it doesnt show my attachments??????? :wallbash:
  8. how do you guys across the pond fish your buzzers?I usually fish a dry line with indicator and leaders too 40 feet or 13 metres that rod fishes static while my other rod same setup without the indicator is SLOWLY retreived after ample time to sink during which time i can retrieve the indicator line if i choose .cheers we call the size 8 chronies bombers
  9. almost time hey KT...what are some of your favs ?chromies,stripped peacocks,granny smiths ?have you been to that c&R lake up near pat there??I fished it last spring lots of 18-20inchers ,easy fishing ill try it in a couple weeks when the hatches pick up,too far to drive from merritt to go very often.go get em
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