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  1. Worms done and tagged ......out in AM on Monday. Should be a cool swap!!!
  2. Thanks for the Spot........I'm going to Tye "The Bottom Crawler Bass worm" Should be a good swap!! 15 tyers!!
  3. How about the "ANYTHING BASS" fly swap.........24 tyers....any pattern used for bass.
  4. I have no issue with it either: black foam. grey squirrel tail hair and black thread.
  5. Great box of goodies.........sent it to Colonel Mel in a priority box...stuffed!!!!! Shipping just took a jump....but it all fit in that box for about 11.00!!!!
  6. Box arrived this am!!!! Great stuff......off tomorrow will go through box and have it out on Saturday at the latest. Who is next..can Swapmeister tell me who is next in a PM?
  7. No Problem....just waiting to see the flies!!!
  8. Just heard from Margaretann that box is on it's way. Glad to be in this. New to this round of the swap...can someone explain how much in and out so I am within the rules. Have a young son new to tying and he is excited to see what is in box he might get to add to his kit. HELP! Just want to make sure I am in the zone on this.
  9. Awesome....... has been a great summer here in Maine...tying up a storm. I'm looking into supplying a couple fly shops near me and will be selling flies on Ebay again shortly. Nearly fully recovered from accident. Seems so great to just spin material and create a fly!!
  10. The flies are in Dezod's possession right now, he wants to add some special flies then they are off to Margretann, I am posting the order of receivers in the original post so everyone can keep track of it so there is no "mystery" as to where it is. I will be keeping track of this box until it is donated for a cause, or someone steals it, then I will track them down like a rabid dog and do justice to them !!!!! seems fair!!!
  11. Just seemed pretty confused. I knew you and I had a box going but this MBRevival link needed clarification. So the only box in circulation is THE NEW MYSTERY BOX SWAP!
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