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  1. If you have a farm and fleet by your hous they sell a huge 50lb bag for 10 bucks. Thats what i feed my fish in the pond behind my house. I think its called Aqua Feed. Only Probelem is it floats, but its worth a try. Good Luck, Dan The Man
  2. Sorry guys i havent been posting but there hasn't really anything to post about. Im in Illinois so spring has just arrived around a constant temp of 60-65f ice melted about a month ago and i was just waiting till the bass and gills become more active. Does any have good suggestions for some early spring flies for gills or bass? I was using a small popper for the gills and bass but the gills are very cautious, they come up to the fly and kind of peck at it real light but then just swim away, its really frustrating when in the summer i could probably catch a hundered in an hour at the same spot!!! And only liitle bass are hitting the flies but luckily there hammering it!!!! Please if you have anysuggestions post it. Thanks, Dan the Man
  3. heres another record. this time its a gill. i dont have any info on it though . :bugeyes:
  4. i dont think it was a fish farm, it was more like a testing lab to mutat trout and feed them steriods. thats what i heard anyway.i look pretty good holdin that record.
  5. Has anyone heard of the world record rainbow trout some people caught a few months ago? ITS FREAKIN HUGE!!!! .its amazing how something can get so big!!!I think its like 43 pounds but u have to see for ur self.
  6. do u boot the spammers? :dunno: :dunno:
  7. danathan

    fall bass

    :baby: :crying: :wallbash:
  8. danathan

    fall bass

    and yes day5 i nknow what a pattern is, the question is do u know what a pattern is?
  9. danathan

    fall bass

    i have some bad news, i just had a surgery on my arm and they had to re brake it in several places, im going to be in a cast for 6 weeks and i wont be abl to fish for a while. at least icefishing will be about time to start wheni get it off. so i guess i dont need any more fly suggestins for falll bass. :crying: im so sad!!!
  10. danathan

    fall bass

    i did try it out but i neede someone elses opinion
  11. danathan

    fall bass

    thanks man ill go try it out right now since ii have a pond in my backyard :headbang:
  12. thats a keeper, watcha catch it on(just kidding)u must be proud
  13. danathan

    fall bass

    i live in the midwest so its still 60 degrees and im just wondering if thell still hit on top or are they moving deeper.please send me pics of good flies that will work
  14. danathan

    fall bass

    hi guys, does any one no some food flys for late fall bass?
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