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  1. Makes sense that selling all-local flies would be cost prohibitive. So are local tyers suffering financially/getting pushed out of the market? It sounds like tying is being relegated somewhat to hobby territory. True?
  2. Thanks for the response. What are the benefits of tying your own flies? (I would imagine that you're better able to mimic local species...?) Also, can you name a few of the "star" tyers? I appreciate your time!
  3. Hello, I'm a Denver-based writer and editor writing a story for a local magazine about how outsourcing fly tying is affecting local tyers. Wondering if any of you have insights you would like to share or if you can suggest some resources for me to look into. The story will focus on two local businesses--one hackle supplier and one fly-tying operation--that send the majority of the their business to Asia, only to have the trout flies sent back to Colorado to be used on Colorado rivers. I would love to hear your thoughts on the issues surrounding outsourcing. Also, can anyone recommend a Colorado fly shop that sells only locally tied flies? Thanks much, Katy
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