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  1. Awesome Popper Snikosk but, i have a question. How do you keep the foam from rotating around the needle. I have tryed theese dremel poppers but the foam keeps slipping,making it impossible to shape. Could you help me please? Thanks
  2. Great stuff!! The BASS will love it
  3. Here is a link to the picture and recipe There is also a great step by step in the book Bluegill Flyfishing and Flies by Terry and Roxanne Wilson
  4. That picture was taken on presque isle bay from in my canoe. Erie pa not only has steelheading but also great bass fishing. I can't wait till spring.
  5. Can someone please explain the process of posting pictures? Thanks
  6. Have any of you fished the pattern called bully's bluegill spider. If so what color and what size worked for you?
  7. I am new to the forum but i would just like to say great looking poopers, keep up the great work
  8. Hello Everyone. This is my first time posting and I can't wait to get invloved with all FTF has to offer Thanks guys
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