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  1. At $25.97 here at Home Depot in Canada plus 13% in taxes plus the cost of gas to get to Home Depot I think I will stay with the 12 store bought floatants. I also make my own floatant which is probably the best. There are many tricks to catch the fisherman. I am satisfied where I am.
  2. pot’ containers. I wanted something as small as possible. My dry fly hooks (Orvis Supreme and Premium) are size 14 to 24, wet fly & nymphs hooks (Mustad) are 10 to 16 and streamer hooks (Mustad) are 8-12 – 4X and 6X – these require a larger Plano box (no PIC). All of the above hooks came in packs of 100 hooks. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c167/carp-starter/HookBoxes.jpg POCKET MICRO TACKLE BOX TBM-6 and PLANO box http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c167/carp-starter/HookBoxes02.jpg WAPSI FBE26 – SNAP TOP 6 BOX and POCKET MICRO TBM-6 Two years ago I bought 75 packs of hooks that I never had before – Daiichi, Tiemco and Mustad C49S (10 to 28) and TMC 518 in 28 and 30 (I could not get size 32 in Canada). I do not mix hooks from 2 companies and so I can leave in 1 compartment a small piece of paper showing the name of the hooks and the largest size number because all hooks are sequential in hook number. I put a rubber band around 5 Micro boxes and put all I have into a large Plano box. My filing system is very simple. carp-stater http://www.fishusa.com/HT-Enterprises-6-Compartment-Micro-Tackle-Boxes_p.html POCKET MICRO TACKLE BOX TBM-6 $1.25 USD - SPECS http://www.icefish.com/catalog/inventory.php?fam=141&cat=68&new= HT ENTERPRISES INC. (Pocket Micro – from Wisconsin I think) http://www.wapsifly.com/pdffiles/wap/page%2073.pdf WAPSI FBE26 – SNAP TOP 6 BOX
  3. Hydrostop Loon should be good. I am trying to find a bottle. Hydrostop is very similar to Watershed from Hareline. I have a bottle of Watershed from Hareline but do not know how to use the nozzle on the bottle in order to "soak" the fly. I think that hydrostop is a lot easier to use. Sooner or later, I will catch on. carp-stater
  4. I thank everyone – those who replied and those who did not. Yes, I thank those who did not reply because now I know that I know as much on this subject as the majority and I am not an American. I guess what I was looking for was how the various states were referred to as in a roll call which I have seen done on TV. There is always a next time for a roll call and I will be ready. I have been sick like a dog with the flu. Perhaps I should have asked as to how to get rid of a nasty flu. Again, I thank everyone with respect to my OP. carp-starter
  5. I have a 43 year old question but no answer so far. Today, I hope to find the answer with help of the members of FTF. The American states are referred to in one of two different ways. A state like New York is referred to as – “New York State”. All other states (as far as I know) are referred to in the second way – “State of Vermont”, State of New Mexico” and “State of Washington”. Why the difference? Why is NYS separate and different from all the other states? Why does it appear that NYS is “special”? Why are all the rest of the states lumped in together? Who decided how a state would be referred to in the future? Any other info on this subject that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I thank everyone in advance. carp-starter
  6. I am sorry I did not get back sooner. But I thank you for all of your info. Futzer No, I am not starting a “new Itsy Bitsy carp fly cult”. 99.0% of my fly-fishing is for resident trout. In 2003 a back problem came up but I wanted to fish. So I went and bought 2 comfortable chairs and some carp stuff. At that time I needed a “forums name” and since I am not creative, I thought of the name “carp-starter”. I guess I will have to post some of my flies come September when I will start tying again. But, I am hesitant to post because I tie flies for the trout and not for the tyer or fisher. Any fly I post would probably bore most of the members here. I do not tie flashy flies. And, nothing can be more simple than a fly tied on a size 30 hook. I was not able to purchase in Canada size 32 hooks – 30 yes. But I will post. And I will post when I get my fly tying room all fixed up in September or October. Thank you all again and have fun fishing. carp-starter
  7. I would like to buy a pair of scissors and I have some questions. I will be tying dry flies smaller than 24 – all the way to size 30. So, I am looking for a pair of scissors that would be best for tying tiny dry flies – to cut only thread and fine materials. Of course I also will tie sizes from 18 to 24. I want a straight edge – not curved. To the best of my ability, I have chosen a pair from Dr. Slick. Micro Tip - SA35GMT - Arrow Scissor - 3 1/2" There is another pair that Dr. Slick has. Arrow - SA35G - 3 1/2" What is the difference between the above 2 pairs of scissors? Would I be wrong with my choice of SA35GMT for the type of tying that I will be doing? Thank you every one for your help and knowledge. – carp-starter http://www.drslick.com/products_scissors1.asp
  8. Will you be fly fishing, spin fishing or fishing with baitcast tackle? carp-starter
  9. When you fall off the chair while tying and when you open your eyes, you say - "I guess I was tired". OR When you fall off the chair while tying and you do not open your eyes until several hours later because you are asleep on the carpet. carp-starter PS: I no longer have a wife and I am retired - so I can do whatever I want to. Actually, both events took place 12 days apart in December, 1999 and I must say that both events are the best events that have happened in my life.
  10. I did not expect to have my thread come alive again considering my OP was a simple, boring question. But I can see why it became active again. In difficult times, humor (did I spell the word correctly using “American”) is not only welcomed but is also necessary. And the people in the USA have had their difficulties in the last 4 or 5 months – that will take years to correct it. searsportshuffle head cement goes on the head of the fly (in case you were wondering) jk I know. Yes, I realized which end to make “shiny”. At first, I thought that the A$$ end should be shiny. Mr. Steelhead Come visit Canada and you might like Canada. Claudia (If i were carp starter i probably made my self a new profile and wish all this to go away...) A newbee like my self... i want to be able to ask... Thank you all NICE guyes for standing up and making it posible. Come on Claudia. Do not be frightened. Most people “float like a bee and sting like a butterfly” – no I did not make an error within the quotes, I was not quoting Ali. I do not hide from anything. This kind of stuff does not affect me. I have had it a million times worst several times on non fly-fishing forums. I will never change my name because I have done nothing wrong and I have enough confidence within me to let things stay as they are. In any case, I think that no one will come after me as the K.K.K. would. carp-starter – “good fly tying” to all
  11. So that is "SEXY"? Hmmm !! I guess different strokes for different folks. car-starter
  12. There is an excellent fly shop in downtown Toronto. Since it wil be your first time in a real fly shop, you will be amazed. Even if it were not your first time in a real fly shop, you would still be amazed. The name is Wilson's. http://www.wilsonstoronto.com/ Have a nice time at Wilson's. Since you will be coming all the way from the Maritimes, I suggest that you visit Bass Pro Shops in Vaughan just north of Toronto (up highway 400). It is in a huge mall and so your wife can shop elsewhere. I think she will be happy. BPS in Vaughan is huge - this is all I can tell because I have not been to the store. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CFPage?storeId=10151&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&appID=94&storeID=11 carp-starter - good luck and have a safe drive back to C.B.
  13. Thank you DoubleHaul. It is so easy. I did not realize that there were two sections that moved in opposite directions. carp-starter
  14. Some people use the tips (see PIC below) when photographing a fly. I bought 4 of them (store had only 4) and I tried one out. But I could not insert a hook into the tip. Would someone please tell me how does one insert the hook into one of these tips? I do not want to break a tip. Thank you for everyone’s help. Carp-starter FYI These are sold at Radio Shack (USA) for $3.49USD. I bought mine at “The Source” – here in Canada there was a name change. Before March 1 the cost here was $4.99CAD. Now the price is only $0.96CAD for two tips. If any of you fly tiers want to buy some, you can order from: http://www.thesourcecc.com/estore/default.aspx The item number is 2700334.
  15. It sounds that you guys really like the Lowe's wooden boxes. They must be good. I am not looking for any myself because I store my materials in plano plastic containers and what I am doing, I think it is just about right. Each Plano keeps one type of a material item - one or more Plano boxes will hold only hackle, one or more will hold only hair, etc. If I need more room for an item, I just get another Plano box for about 6 bucks. I do not mix stuff in any of the boxes - i.e. feathers are never mixed in with hair in any of the boxes and so on. Lowe's may have the wooden boxes on sale starting on Dec 14. Lowe's will open their first 3 stores in Canada on Dec 14. But I do not know what might be on sale. There will be a store west of me in Hamilton at 25 miles, Brantford is also west at 45 miles and the Brampton store is north east and about 20 miles. When the US dollar was worth more than the Canadian dollar, it would have been worth buying stuff from Canada. Most stuff here is more expensive than in the USA. But there is a lot of stuff that is cheaper here (numerically). I am aware of 2 store in Canada where Daiichi hooks are cheaper here than in the States and there are no brokerage fees and currency exchange rates. Should the boxes be on sale here, they might still be a good buy even for you guys. Have a good day and a nice Monday. Me, I will go to bed - I do not have to work :hyst: :yahoo: carp-starter
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