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  1. I have tied these patterns in bulk for baja. I leave in 3 weeks. this is my largest sardina pattern Rasta Clouser
  2. Thanks everyone for all of the tips. I will keep practicing and post some flies here in the upcoming weeks. Matt
  3. I have tried loose wraps and putting it at an angle, but it still doesnt work.. I guess i need to keep practicing
  4. Im trying to tie up some deceivers and when I get to tying the throat in (deer hair) it flares up on me. How can I concentrate the deer hair on one side of the hook so that it all stays in one direction? Thanks
  5. Hey guys...new to the forum. This is the greatest fly tying site I've been to. Anyways, I'm going after Roosterfish in May and was wondering if any of you could share some of the flies that you have had success with OR that you know do well for Roosterfish. Thanks, Matt
  6. I am going to Baja in may in search for Roosterfish. This is a very popular pattern to use down there. Can you send me the recipe for that sardina fly??
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