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  1. John P I received your package today Thank you very much very generous of you
  2. Our Club is considering purchasing a Camera similar to the one in the link to aid us at The Va for tying classes through Project Healing Waters... I saw one in use at an event earlier this year and it worked awesome... They had it hooked directly to a Television in front of the class and everyone could see it real well while the instructor was tying a fly... It showed every thread wrap ... If you have used one can you recommend a certain model> We are planning on using it on a 42" Flat panel.. http://ken-a-vision.com/cameras/910-171-102
  3. Bigdewey I received your package today ..... Awesome assortment and we will use every bit of it Thanks
  4. I do 3 sizes 3/8 7/16 and 1/2 The one pictured is 7/16
  5. I haven't seen anything as of today but I am in nu hurry at all.... This is an ongoing thing I plan to do for years to come... Yea Steve That was a bit strong haha he must have been wearing pink when he posted that :unsure: :unsure:
  6. Here is one I did out of Gaboon Ebony and Whitetail Antler And yes Dana the wood is doing good things
  7. I make Hair Stackers all the time
  8. Thanks fellas I'm looking forward to some new material for the guys
  9. Dave there is a PHWFF down under Here is the contact Info PHWFF Australia Peter L. West President, PHWFFA [email protected]
  10. Here are a couple pictures from Saturday We have a group of volunteers that know how to put a smile on a Heroes face
  11. Thanks Steve I appreciate the post..... What we do is go to the Erie PA VA Hospital 2 times a month and teach the guys and gals how to tie.. We also teach them how to cast then take them out on the water... We have taken or sent the participants to 4 trips so far this year and we have one this weekend in Erie on Elk Creek participants are coming in from New York as well.. about 50 people will be there.... We are also sending 2 guys on the Missouri River in Montana next year sort of a Trip of a lifetime for them. Any help is appreciated Thanks and God Bless our Troops Skip
  12. This Ends at Midnight tonight don't miss out on a change for a great rod and to help out a great cause
  13. Only a couple days left to help out a good cause
  14. Get your chance to own a beautiful T&T Switch rod and at the same time help out Project Healing Waters Erie http://www.nwpfa.org/rod-raffle.html
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