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  1. Bert Brehm


    Sure. Always carry a shotgun in your driftboat!
  2. Charlie Craven uses canned compressed air. It works. It's fast. Juan Ramirez has tutorial here: http://vimeo.com/10793808
  3. WASATCH WOOD TRIM BOBBIN, CERAMIC MICRO Part No: 21205 Get it here. http://greatfeathers.com/woodtrimbobbinceramicmicro.aspx
  4. Characteristics of a good steelhead/salmon fly reel: smooth disk drag that works while wet or icy. avoid click/pawl drag unless it has an exposed flange to palm the spool reasonable backing capacity (100-150 yards of 30lb) spare spools that are easy to change in the field without dropping parts in the river large arbor is nice but not necessary light weight is nice but not necessary Characteristics of a good steelhead/salmon fly line: 8 weight to balance your rod weight forward for shooting line steep front taper to carry weighted flies and split shot floating line is easier to mend flourescent color is easier to see.
  5. E-Z Mini Pliers Similar to the Radio Shack test clips, except E-Z pliers don't fall apart while you are using them.
  6. Thing of beauty, Roy! I am new to the concept of USD flies. Is there a recipe or even better, a tutorial in my future? Does it fish good? Which hook? Won't the weight of the hook bend tend to rotate the bug around to a down position? Like the keel on a boat?
  7. I have two of the Oliver Edwards DVDs, Wet Fly Fishing on Rivers and Upstream Nymphing and North Country Spiders. In them, he demonstrates some of the old upstream wet fly techniques. In particular, Edwards refers to this book from 1907. The Practical Angler Or The Art of Trout-fishing More Particularly Applied to Clear Water by W.C. Stewart. Chapters One to Six are the most applicable and you can read them online at Google Books. http://books.google.com/books?id=7PtIAAAAIAAJ
  8. I had the pleasure of meeting both of these vets. Inspirational! Check out the "equipment" in front of Sean. More from John Colburn from the Mid-Atlantic Council FFF http://www.flyanglersonline.com/features/r...cast/rc392.html
  9. OK, then. Here is another tutorial with pictures for a rolled wing. Although it looks more like it is folded in quarters. http://www.gwentanglingsociety.co.uk/index...2&Itemid=53
  10. Tutorial with pictures. http://www.flyguysoutfitting.com/quillgordonwet.html
  11. Don Bergman. No wait. I mean Don Bastion. I gotta have a cigarette after watching his videos. :bugeyes:
  12. Just a nit. Most of the other window titles on this site include the name of the forum, like this: "Fly Tying -> Posting New Topic". However, when I click on "View New Posts", I get a window titled simply "Search Results". Is there a reason not to change the title? My suggestion: "Fly Tying -> New Posts".
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