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  1. Great close ups, awesome detail..
  2. Those look great, nice work..
  3. double post , cant seem to delete... =)
  4. Oh yea, very nice Jay..Love your processing...Great tones...
  5. Amazing photography John..Always enjoy your work..Great portrait of you in action..Thats a beast of a lens, but oh so nice
  6. Though I would share a sampling of what I have been up to lately.. I have been pretty hooked on landscape and seascape photography for a while now.. Here are some of my more recent stuff.. Sweet Creek; and some kayak action while I was there, And some from the amazing Oregon Coast : And some spring shots from the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm... And the sky came alive for an amazing sunset.... Hope you all enjoy the photos..
  7. Thanks everyone..These are all single exposures using a combination of GND, polarizer and ND filters.. Not HDR's..
  8. Hey everyone...Benn really busy and haven't spent much time over here lately.. Just wanted to share some photos I have been taking... From the Willamette River near my home at sunrise.. And some from the Oregon Coast.. And a sunset in the Willamette Valley...
  9. Beautiful shots John. I admire and respect your willingness and desire to get the shot.
  10. On Nikkor lenses there are markers on it that show the focus distance in feet and meters. At the far end there is an infinity symbol. I set it to that and combined with the smaller aperture give me the large focal plane. If I am really close to the fore ground I will go smaller on the aperture to get a little more DOF.
  11. Thanks guys for the nice comments, appreciate it.. These are all single exposures with no HDR software used. I shot these with a 12-24mm Nikkor f/4 lens@ 12mm. They were all shot @ f/8 with a B&W ND3 10 stop ND filter on. They ranged in shutter speed from 1.5 - 2 minutes. I set the focus to infinity and by using f/8 I can achieve complete focus from foreground to back ground. They were shot in RAW(what I always shoot) and converted to 16bit TIFF's in Nikon Capture NX software. Also do some RAW color adjustments in NX. Then sent over to PS CS3 for final levels and sharpening.
  12. Thanks Tim. I use PhotoShop CS3 and I also use Nikon Capture NX as I feel I get better RAW conversions out of it than ACR. It also has some really nice color selection tools that let me do isolated color adjustments as opposed to global ones.
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