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  1. Tidewaterfly, Thanks for the reply. In the DVD, he clearly states that it is body hair and shows the large piece when he cuts some for the flies. Definitely not a tail medallion.
  2. Any one know what type of fox body hair Mikael Frodin uses in his Make Em Swim DVD? Marble, Silver ??
  3. Thanks Bugsy; that's some fine looking equipment. $$$ isn't an issue; just how often I'll use it Thanks Kentuckysteve; that's what I had in mind. More of a novelty
  4. Does anyone have a finger vise for sale or know of a source?
  5. Anyone recognize this brand of floss ? Given to me by a lady who's grandfather tied for Orvis.
  6. Short answer, Yes. So long as you buy a full neck so you can take feathers from right & left. Look for the curved ones so when tied, bend downward toward the hook. Check out the chinese necks from Wapsi. Thanks Hitcher.
  7. Would Chinese necks provide adequate hackle tips for spey fishing flies or is there another preferred neck ?
  8. Anyone know if Jeff Becker at F. W. Engels in Huntington Station, NY has closed shop/relocated ? Sells Solligen, Germany ice tempered scissors.
  9. Spent a week flyfishing on horseback with Beartooth Outfitters from Cook City. Camped /fished at 11,000 feet. Spectacular. You are fortunate. Presently living in Jefferson, NH on the western slope of Mt Washington. Home of The World's Worst Weather. Welcome
  10. Some years ago D's Flyes of Denver sold a product called Re-Flash Tubing which has been discontinued. Wondered if anyone knew of a shop that has some leftovers. Thanks in advance.
  11. Anyone have fly pattern suggestions for muskies ?
  12. Hides with the hair on can be preserved with Neet's Foot Oil and will generally outlast the owner. The oil needs to be rubbed by hand into the hide until it's soft and supple. This is a time consuming process but worth the effort. I've made red fox and coyote hats that are now over 25 years old and still just as shiny and soft as day 1. If the hide is to be dyed, that should be done first.
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