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  1. SW MO here...nice to see more MO folks here:)
  2. i been useing berkley vanish in 2lb for years. never had a problem catching and landing nice trout on it.
  3. heya all...was wondering if the high end flyrod blanks offer warranty's on their blanks?
  4. Brian wise fishes the north fork of the white river ( it's in MO.)
  5. Good luck SD. I am shure you will do fine
  6. i used to have a 200,125,and 59 reef rdy. miss mah fishies...
  7. YES! i know exactly how you feel. we have one here in MO. acts just like he is the fly fishing GOD. Everything you know is WRONG...pfft. I asked a question about trout in the area...his reply..." i have a book coming out soon..you should buy it". haven't been back since. Best fly shop i have been to has been Reddings fly shop ( its by bennet springs north of springfeild ), one of the nicest guys you could meet. Respectful of his customers...and just has one "classic" and NICE fly shop.
  8. Lovely rod! question.....single foot any better then snake guides?
  9. Staff at least the height of your waders is always. Safe bet for knowing if the water is too deep for you.
  10. My wulf line still going strong 5 years later
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