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  1. started with a cheap metal vise i use only to hold flys i am copying.. went to the thompson 360 slt, wore out too many pins and d rings.. bought a regal, which i still have. sold the thompson , bought a new norvise with the cam jaws.. just did not work out for me.. its a slick vise, just not my cup of tea.. i would have had to buy all the different heads to justify using it all the time (and that would have run me another 250-300 for all the adaptors.. .. sold that, got another regal out of that deal.. but i am really leaning towards the dynaking barracuda deluxe. i'll keep one of the regals for my portable kit.. ..
  2. just outside boston.. ukranian , canadian.. (and some scotch english).. funny i prefer bourbon.
  3. crash

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    how about the recipe for those purdy flies.. crawfish patterns would make good lobster patterns here in boston.. stripers love those lobsters..
  4. i tool whip finish.. but occasionally will do the half hitch by hand.. can't do the whip by hand, (poor finger dexterity) but thats ok..
  5. saw that one, but its rapidly climbing to near 300$ i am going to a fly shop this week.. i'll try out several.. thanks for the feed back
  6. thanks all, hey mozes i saw that same article.. have really trying to decide between the regal head, and a whole nother vice specifically for smaller flies and the drys.. i wanted to see if anyone had made the investment.. thanks crash
  7. i know most of the tiers here focus on saltwater however i am looking to get back into tying fresh as i found myself enjoying trout fishing very much this spring.. i currently dont' have a vise small enough to tie the midges and other little patterns that are so useful in the cold water species.. am i better suited buying the midge head for my regal vise or do you suggest another vise, at this point price is not a major factor as i am sitting on a quantity of orvis gift certificates.. if you had to buy something specifically focused on patterns smaller than 6 down to the smallest hooks, what vise would you buy and what is the major reason ? would like full rotary but am willing to explore all options.. thanks crash
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