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  1. :headbang: flies going out in todays mail thanks for hosting jon this was a fun swap glad I could be part of it now gotta tie me some up for opening weekend brook trout :headbang:
  2. Hi all just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Paul I am a 36 year old tattoo artist from Alger MI I spend as much time fishing as I can which means I don't get out as much as I want lol but who really does? I have about 10 years tying and am glad to have found this site I hope that this year finds a few more trips to the edge of creeks and rivers then last year so thanks for having me
  3. I'm new to the site but not to tying and I am willing to tie. so count me in. I will tie a stone fly nymph that works great for me I caught a 15 lb steelie on this fly as proof it works lol
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