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  1. I fish for brookies alot and one of my top producers is a lime trude it is a great attractor pattern elegant fly but easy to tie
  2. http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern6577.html here is a scorpion I tied out of deer hair
  3. mike the set containing the August flies along with the red assed SH arrived today I will be sorting and will get these out Monday morning
  4. Mike I will let you know when they arrive I have a new post man since the guy from last year was fired after multiple complaints from all over our route of packages missing one of which was a $12,000 necklace my neighbor had sent out for repair the police are investigating it.
  5. Ok I went through all the flies I have received crackleback I never got your set
  6. Tony I sat on the bank of the creek for a good 10 minutes shaking from the adrenaline rush I played him for about 5 minutes would of landed him had he not got over the log I caught him under not much you can do with 6x tippit on a trout that size but I have a box full of size 16 lime trudes ready to go next time I am up there
  7. a dozen black widows will be leaving Monday Morning marching your way
  8. yeah we went brook trout fishing near Onaway MI caught some nice ones lost a record class brookie over a log seen him up close twice was over 20 inches
  9. ok guys sorry to have not been on I was on a well needed vacation with no phone or internet service I got a few packages while I was gone I will look at them tonight I think I have them all if so I will sort and mail Monday morning
  10. Bob mine will be mailed out Monday when I get back home from vacation
  11. ok first of all a white peacock is not necessarily an albino most white peacocks are piebolds not albino with albinos they usually die very young due to their light and heat sensitivity now for your questions the herl is usually a bit thinner on whites and also more fragile but if you carefully strip them they make great quill bodies that when coated with a thin coat of sally hansens are almost translucent allowing you to use a colored thread underbody that will slightly show through giving the body depth
  12. bugsy was close it is actually blue eared pheasant rump but I have used ringneck rump also
  13. border collies and j kno both your sets arrived and both are going to hurt some lips for sure
  14. wrist pain is always due to the tightness of the grip you got on the shaft lol
  15. Chris your flies arrived yesterday I love them both sets the prince nymph is going right in my brookie box for my next trip to Canada creek
  16. today brought 2 sets a great white fly from fishingbobnelson that makes me anxious for the dusty millers to start hatching and the second set from Breambuster that is going to hurt some lips for sure not so sure it is going in the gill box though I think this one might end up being a killer trout nymph
  17. Blane I got the package today I love the damsel flies. there is a small creek near my house that I fish on occasion that holds some larger rainbows in it and they hold up in the deeper pocket water when it gets warm out and they gorge themselves on damsels late in the evening so I know right where this one will be fished lol. Jolly red yours came with Blane's and these are some impressive cork poppers never to many poppers in a fly box and the paint job is awesome.
  18. Tony your flies arrived today I love them they will be used for sure and the extras are sweet love the floss work on the one
  19. I am a firefighter and my money job is a professional car thief lol I am an auto repossession agent
  20. Cool find I have been watching my home waters closely for our hex hatch and last night with it thunder and lightning and torrential down pour they were hatching something fierce you could see trout actually coming out of the water 8 to 10 inches after the mayflies made me mad I couldn't fish
  21. tony its ok I tied with all three also its a preference left up to each tier thanks all can't wait to see them all
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