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  1. Harry Murray's Strymph rarely fails me. Had some of my best days fishing this fly.
  2. I like it. I just ordered my first load of tube fly material, and have been looking at a number of recipes. I am interested in smallmouth flies, and this one will be on my short list. :headbang:
  3. While the masters of the soft hackle, were and are, often targeting a specific insect with their imitations, I find that they are very effective when nothing in particular is happening. a small variety of colors, and sizes are usually sufficient to raise a good number of fish.An Altoids tin with a variety of silk and fur bodied flies is most often all I carry, and all I need. We are talking here about nutrient poor, freestone streams for the most part here. Other types of trout water are quite different I'm sure.
  4. I tied up a few of the STP frogs a couple years ago. I think Norman pointed me to the template. Thanks Norm. I found I didn't like fishing them. They always wanted to land bottom up. Any remedy for this? The frogs didn't go to waste though. My wife and daughters thought they were "cute", and promptly stole all of them from my fly box. I think there is still one stuck in my oldest's cork board in her room.
  5. Here's Dave Whitlock's tutorial for those that might be interested. http://flyfisherman.com/skills/dwnoknot/index1.html Works like a charm. I stopped using it when I started tying my own leaders.I am often changing my leader and it's quicker to tie a nail-less nail knot.
  6. Well what do you know. It's back.
  7. I hope so too. The fact that he can't seem to get a response out of the hosting company doesn't bode well, I fear.
  8. Wingless wets. Spiders, flymphs, soft hackle nymphs. If I am trout fishing the likelihood I have one of these, or a team of them tied on, is somewhere around 95%. I don't use winged wets much, and I do very little dry fly fishing anymore. If I do fish on or near the surface, and it ain't a CDC&Elk, it is one of the above dressed to fish on or near the top.
  9. The fishing guides in the Adirondacks used to catch a live dragonfly, and trap it on their hat with a couple of loops of thread. Swore it kept the blackflies and such off them.
  10. Me too, and I haven't been able to either. I checked his main site, and there is no notice of anything amiss.
  11. Thanks Ray. Cool modification. Hey, have you noticed that the Wingless Wets board seems to have gone off the grid?
  12. Thanks guys. I have looked at some of the homegrown techniques mentioned, Letumgo's in particular. I am aware of the basic tube fly rigs like this this one. I guess my question is whether the Danvise with the extension arm gives enough clearance behind the jaws for the mandrel.
  13. I haven't been able to find a setup specific to the Danvise. Are any of the ones out there better than others? I do have the extension arm already. Or would you advise buying a low cost vise and tube rig to match? Thanks in Advance.
  14. The best Royal Wulff tutorial I have ever seen. By Loren Williams. http://flyguysoutfitting.com/royalwulff.html
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