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  1. Nice Job I like how the Kori looks on this one. James
  2. I like it when the fly boxes get filled up after a long winter nice job. James
  3. Hi I gave it some thougt and came up with this small list. Professional Fly tying & lure making Manual "george Herter" Flies "J. Edson Leonard" Wet flies "Ken Sawada" Trout "Ray Bergman" Soft Hackled Fly addict "Sylvester Nemes" The artof tying the wet fly "James Leisenring" Wet Flies "Dave Hughes" Forgotten Flies "Schmookkler & Sils" The fisherman's handbook of trout flies "Donald Du Bois I hope this help for all that need information on these flies some of these books can be had for as little as $5.00 and as high as $400.00 but they are all good book with lots of patterens and informaion
  4. you might try Dave hughes this is a nice book with patterns and information. James
  5. This is amazing. I love how you showed the steps involved. thanks for the great work. James
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