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  1. Nice Job I like how the Kori looks on this one. James
  2. I like it when the fly boxes get filled up after a long winter nice job. James
  3. I will have to say I do not understand what Bud,Matt and other are looking at on the lower crest. But I really like the flow of the fly from head to tail.great job James
  4. Hay Big guy Nice job. I think you nailed this one two thumbs up. James
  5. Matt I have owned the two barracuda and they have trashed some nice hooks where as the four renzetti have never. the new presentaion 2000 is ok the master far out performs the others. James
  6. I have 2 RENZZETTI AND Dyna king traverler and a Able. I love the renz. for salmon and bass flies. dyna king for trout flies, Able is still new so no tying done on it yet .I will inform you as I get there. The only thing I will say is find a store that will let you tie on some vises to see what will work for you. Hold a large range of hook and ease of adjustment from size. If you need any help let me know I was in sale at a fly fishing store and I have tied on most vises out there. James
  7. I like the photo with the dark back ground the best. Nice Job James
  8. Thanks for sharing this fly with all on here. I like the way that the body turned out nice job. James
  9. same here unable to view this item for sale. Help
  10. Hi Harold sorry that I did not see your post sooner but the best place that I have found for looking for books is ABEBooks try a google search and you will locate there. abebooks is a world wide search of book store and dealer all over. I like book also working on about 250 right now and always looking to add. If you have any problem with this information let me know and I will help the best that I can . James
  11. Happy New year to all and thanks to you all that help so much with tying information and guidance. be safe, happy,keep tying. James
  12. Thanks Robert I will give the Nolte method a try. It makes sence with the silacon for the fact that if needed you could peel it off were as with the glue you might not be able to do so with out damage to the hook. Thanks for you imput. James
  13. Hay Ducky If you can see if your brother might want to start with white turkey for their tails. this is the best for winging materials for large flies. James
  14. Thanks Matt I found the informaion I needed that clears the mudd for me. I love the way that the body silk is one color and the ribbing silk is a differant color you must have spent hours on just the body to get that effect. Outstanding just Oustanding. James
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