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  1. ok i am back... not too many stories... but everyone message me your address and i will send a few to each of ya... thanks for playing...
  2. here are the flies picked so far.. i keep them all bagged....
  3. post here for all to see... so far i have 17 flies... most are ones when i started into tying these beasts.. they are not perfect but will fish... if this goes over well with good stories i may have to expand into some of my prime flies... pic will be up soon
  4. ok i have WAY to many musky flies tied now.. cant seem to stop tying them... so i have decided to do a little giveaway.. i will be giving away somewhere around 20(unknown final number, too many boxes).. these are all streamer flies.. all different colors and styles.. I cant get myself to part with any divers... i will post up a pic of the pile i will give away once i get through all the boxes.... if you want in on it i need u to post the story of what got u hooked on the idea of chasing musky with a fly rod... i will pm people for addresses for the ones i feel have the musky bug... i will cover shipping costs.. will not be shipping till july after i get back from my honeymoon... thanks... curt
  5. box of musky and pike stuff all tied in the past 2 days.. the fly i was tying that kept me from posting pics sooner...lol not sure y they came out so small..
  6. Well there's you problem :lol: oh the things i must do in the name of fishing..lol
  7. well i dont drink....soo... i will try it with milk.... it may be awhile...lol
  8. well i may have too... i went and bought another box today and its full.... its not a fly box its a lure box that is 9 by 15in or so... i need to get more boxes... or maybe just start selling them...
  9. ok so my hand has finally healed... here is the problem... i dont know if it is from the lack of tying while it was healing but i cant stop tying flies.... i mean i will stay up till 3 or 4 am tying when i have to be up for work at 7... i think i have a problem...... but on the lighter note... man have i made a ton of deer hair divers.. i made about 16 mega ones all around 9in in different colors for pike and musky.... and a bunch in the 4 to 5 inch range. for bass... and some little 2.5 to 3in ones for whatever..lol... my next problem seems to be i am running out of spinning hair... i have bought out every place in town... lol... also i need to stop so my thumb will heal... i have pulled the skin from the nail from pushing the hair back to pack it.... anyone have any words of help???? btw i am getting married on the 18th of june... maybe its how i am dealing with the wedding stress....lol oh wait... i think i should be posting pics shouldn't I?? let me lay some flies out and snap a few pics and post...
  10. i will be out in a boat... i have some ideas..lol.. weather permitting.
  11. i will be on my honeymoon the end of June in punta cana and i see that the tuna fishing is peaking out around then... what kind of flies should i bring??? i have about 25 sardine baitfish flies tied up in 3/0 to 2... just looking for what else i should tie up.... i have other small baitfish patterns tied in 4 and 6 for smaller fish i may run into... its a first time i will be going.. thanks for any help... p.s. i already got the ok from the wife....lol...
  12. looks fairly simple... take 2 rabbit strips of the 2 colors u want.. tie the first one in leaving a tail, .. add the feathers to the sides... add second color or rabbit, make 2 or 3 wraps up the hook .. tie off... add flash collar.. then take the other color tie in and make one or 2 turns... tie off... make head... add eyes.. done.. that would be the simplest way.. i have a few other twists i would do but those are too much to type
  13. its coated with fabric fusion... its a water based glue that is waterproof when dry.. (same stuff as liquid fusion).. i coated them for 2 reasons... one to make them more durable being we are dealing with musky.. second was to make the face of the fly.. it will not deform or flex against the water... allows it to push more water... I like it. may try it with some bass bugs... I have the liquid fusion and LOVE it fabric fusion is the same stuff... but its only $5 a bottle that is 3 times the size of the liquid fusion.. made by the same company... as far as i can tell its the same exact stuff...
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