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  1. One of the best Jock Scott, if not the best Jock Scott I've ever seen. . . That Fly would probably win any fly tying contest. . . Frame it; it's nicer than any painting Rgds Kay
  2. I'm with Long and Marc. I would pitch in to buy 7 pairs (black w/ white spot) and 3 pairs of those "yellow-reddish-topping-breast feathers". If a trusted forum member would like to take the initiative, I would certainly take the chance of transferring the money to an account as soon as he got the bid. . . . Or if that someone who buys it reads this, please notice that I would be interested in buying a few feathers from you, even though it's persons like Bud, Dave and Long who deserves such materials to work with Best Rgds. Kay Roger M. Tjøsvoll
  3. That is spectacular. I just love the roof and sides on it. What is your secret my friend? Best rgds. Kay
  4. Andrea, That is insane. . . You should try and dress a pattern which doesn't require a topping on one of these big hooks of yours. . . I hope you find that topping though M.v.h. Kay
  5. Beautiful as always, Bud. I haven't had a look on the forum for a while, so I hope you don't mind me saying that your Popham was really amazing . . . classic you know But that does certainly not mean that this fly is any less beautiful Best Rgds. Kay
  6. utrolig bra!!! Amazing!!! You should pick out 10 of your favourites, and post close-ups of them, please m.v.h. Kay
  7. Kjell Ove, the fly looks great, I've dyed up some eagle feathers, and to be honest with you, you can't tell the difference between eagle and your sub. I like it, but please my friend, I've been following your work on the forum, please do not cut your flies up Best Rgds Kay
  8. Jamie, good work, that is a perfect dressing of the butcher, almost to perfect Keep posting those flies Best Rgds. Kay
  9. Dave, I love everything about this fly, the head and the high wing is perfect with this fly. I love your work, keep it up. Best Rgds Kay
  10. Thank you for your reply, and I've been experimenting with this camera of mine (canon ixus i7 something), and I just gave up on the close up, but my dad's old ixux 40 seems to do the job. So Kjell Ove, here is my close up for you, I only hope you still like what you see The bronze mallard feathers are to be found on its' shoulder, It's not always easy to find good ones, they seem to be best and darkest on old males late in winter around here (but they are not easy to trick I'm afraid ) Thank you for your kind words, and I hope you find the stuff you are looking for J.Z. Rgds Kay
  11. And the dinner was great by the way Thank you for the kind words rgds Kay
  12. That my friend, Mark, is Jones' Guide to Norway (reprint from the Flyfisher's Classic Library) rgds Kay
  13. Hi guys, Love your work, a lot of great flies posted lately. Unfortunately I've been working non stop lately, but I promised Long a Childers almost a year ago. . . Finally I had the time to relax and waist some time, and collect some feathers at the same time, . I had planned to dress one for my self as well, but that will just have to wait for now, so this one is for Long. And Long, I guess you are busy with exams and sh-t, but when you find the time please check your email, I tried to email you (need your post address). I dressed this one in hand, without a vice. . . hope you like it (first mixed wing in hand, in combination with me getting rusty at this. . . ) Take care, and merry Christmas. Best rgds Kay
  14. Don't know if they live up to your expectations when they are seen up close (Matt and Bud) But any way here is a new picture of some of the Jock Scotts and Silver Greys. . . I can't seem to get my camera a small Canon Ixus i7 to work properly on close ups (too many buttons), but my dad's old canon ixus 40 seem to work better - fewer buttons Best Rgds. Kay
  15. Hey guys, Sorry for being so slow on the forum. . . I’ve been working a lot, and when I’ve had the time off I’ve been working on the house – We will be mowing in on Friday hopefully. . . At the moment I was painting the house – but the weather isn’t to promising, so I got to tie a few fishing flies for Thursday (probably my first and last trip this year to the river fishing for salmon, I am so looking forward to it). . . As always I’ve been sneaking a bit on the forum – always nice to se the work of Goku, skypilot, Dave, Bud and all the rest of the gang – love your work guys. . . Here are a few of the fishing flies I made. . . Substituted chatterer with fairy blue bird, and Indian crow with weaver bird, and used only bad fibers of kori- and great bustard in the wing (and only used real toucan in two of the jock scotts, used yellow macaw fibres instead). . . Hope you like them – I hope they’ll do the job anyway. Best Rgds. Kay
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