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  1. I have seen one on another site that someone had tied and it looked great...
  2. screw putting your boots in a ziplock bag at night I would be zipping myself up in a ziplock.
  3. you tied that? wow! have you ever thought about taking up bowling? :j_k: looks great for your first, I think everyone pretty much said it all, but save it in a safe place so you can look back at it later on in life. It will bring back memories..... keep up the great work an thanks for sharing :headbang:
  4. woo hoo free flies and materials for all members..... :j_k: "Remember, with great power comes great responsibility."
  5. I would think it would be more trouble than it's worth for something that small. It would be a royal pain to try to pour. I would think you could get some sort of press and die. Or even a hand press like a pair of krimpers.
  6. This Cedar River report is brought to you by the staff of Puget Sound Fly Company, with help from our customers. Please feel free to call us at (253) 839-4119 for further details or for help with pattern recommendations. :wallbash: Cedar River - June 7th, 2006 supplied by: The Avid Angler RECORDED: 60 ° FISHING: Fair The Cedar is very high right now. It is fishable and the water is clear, but it is very fast and not all spots are easily accessible or wadeable. I fished with a friend for a few hours today and used mostly streamers while my buddy fished a dual nymph rig. We caught a few fish with one trout to 15" in the mix, plus a smallmouth bass taken on a beldar bugger in yellow and brown. The trout was taken on a San Juan worm. I recommend fishing heavy streamers steelhead style right now until the water drops a bit. Once it does, nymphing will become more of an option. I have heard a few reports of decent dry fly action in the evening. Small mayflies (PMD's) and caddis have been the usual suspects at this time of day. Streamers to fish include a Beldar Bugger, Dolly Lama and a rubberleg woolly bugger. Plan on using a fast sink tip and short leader. Report submitted by Nathan Keen
  7. Order some without backing from ebay they stuff works great on stickyback foam and is thin like paper. I think if you use it on your sardinia youo could draw some scales on it and it would look great
  8. Is it the lame without the backing or with?
  9. Looks great!!! Is it fabric?? What's it called?
  10. http://www.hatchmasters.ca/Realistic%20Wings.htm
  11. one is just for show and either would not hold up to casting and water or simply would not work because of hook shape or placement, simply just a work of art...... and the other looks real but you can fish it and it should catch fish.. I love the way the capsule turned out but would use strait silver with a little pigment in the epoxy. They make some that will give it a violet hue when light hits it like a real baitfish's slime coat.
  12. Has the last episode of 24 been canceled?
  13. It's a noseem tied on a #42 very real :hyst:
  14. My fresh water volunteer better chime in quick to claim his flies or I'm going to launch them on Ebay tonight.. :dunno:
  15. they are just much smaller, most of mine are on a 3/0 xlhook these are on a 1/0 standard shank hook
  16. :dunno: Ah looks great very real looking :dunno:
  17. Ok just finished some for you and what a pain they were... Too small. These should cast well with your 6wt and should land you a bucket mouth or two...They have little rattles in them but they still make a racket
  18. I do a similar fly just tie the tail add a piece of foam and shape it cover it with ez-body braid color and epoxy but steelie does add a nice artistic touch with the paint brush :thumbup:
  19. you can get cheap thread from gofishing.com for just over a buck and either use or toss the thread.
  20. got it let me get a few fresh water patterns tied up. Also need to be a little smaller for the light wt rods.... I'll let you guys know when they're done..
  21. Looking for saltwater testers On stripers.. Someone who will give them an honest effort and give me feedback and Pictures... I have given out flies in the past that just sat in someones box and never heard from them again... :dunno: I could use some help with fresh water crease fly tests on bucket mouths shoot me an email and tell me a little about your fishing: rod wt, how often you fish, what is your main fly you use now, and send me a pic of one of your catches... shoot me an email [email protected]
  22. zippy

    My fly box

    looks like you have all the bases covered (pun intended) :hyst: You should have something to throw at them no matter where or what you are fishing for
  23. Made for salt for stripers (peanut bunker) but shad look almost the same so I'm sure a bucket mouth would eat it but I've not seen too many floaters in fresh water. It's more for the fall run when the blues and striper push the bait tight up against the rocks and between them there is a bunch of little floaters waiting to be eaten. Been thinking about a gilled crease fly with the fabric and foil combo... I think it would look good but what a pain in the azz
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