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  1. that look fantastic.... but if it was me I would get a real fish stick a hook in it and cover the whole thing in epoxy I think you should use the eyes you have :eek: :bugeyes: :j_k: super 77 I'll have to look into that
  2. no I'm looking for testers
  3. steelie where is the next step in that fantastic looking fly :dunno: the suspense is killing me
  4. defiantly an idea worth stealing Great looking flies!!!
  5. looks like a muppet :yahoo: well maybe not a muppet but a "sock puppet" cant wait to see the end result.
  6. the stuff I have is like tissue paper thin no stretch no backing pm me your addy and I'll send you a piece to check out
  7. the stuff I have is like tissue paper thin no stretch no backing pm me your addy and I'll send you a piece to check out
  8. did a little search on the web you have the liquid lame that has backing and stretch....
  9. the cloth I have is very thin shiny on both sides and no stretch almost like a wedding vail, the stuff in your photos almost look like lycra
  10. Hey that looks great!!! nice Idea with the ezbody head
  11. well, lets see em John....
  12. did you sew a backing on your lame? mine is just a thin sheer piece same on both sides
  13. If you really wanted to get the large scale look you could cover it in silver leaf and draw the scales on with the back of an xacto knife like I did on the gill plate of the bunker that could be interesting
  14. it held pretty well to the sticky back but ther is no stretch to it so along the back I cut it down the middle and left a little over lap and closed it like gift wrapping the ends of a box and a dab of super glue did the trick. I think the sock idea would work great but you will still have a seam with the glue there is no seam and a lot easier to do. just drape it over the back like a tent and make the sides smooth cut the lame where it doesn't come in contact with the top of the back and cut leaving just enough to fold over and cover the body and apply a drop of glue with a bodkin and smooth it out fast easy no seam and when your finished you will be hearing from my lawyer. Oh by the way did you check out my crease flies with lame fabric finish???
  15. the first one looks like what's left after a cat gets into your bait bucket they look great so far cant wait to see the finished fly.....
  16. how many month will I have to wait for you to tie me up a dozen
  17. Now I know where you got your name from I thought it had something to do with steelheads not stolen flies :dunno: anyway here is #2 and #3 (3 still wet) this one I used blue pigment in the epoxy steel do you use pigments?
  18. Thought about it but I don't think it would make much of a difference but I may give it a shot I have one more body almost ready to get hit with the sauce and I might give him a bath in soft tex instead here are the next two the third one I tried blue pigment instead of violet in the epoxy and I think it came out a little better also got rid of the hump back
  19. Thanks Guys Steelie I was thinking of putting on a second layer of silver leaf after the 1st epoxy coat just on the gill plate and then do another thin layer of epoxy to give it a more 3d look. Thinking of doing a strictly art fly also Good luck in Italy and I'll be looking for your stolen design :ripped: second batch on the wheel now I'll post some more pics later
  20. Thanks It's kind of like a modified crese fly made with foam. I thought about a maribou tail but I think some twitching would do the trick laying on the surface the material on the tail now would move a little. I have a couple of more on the wheel made with 20 minute an I did a little more shaping on the body to remove the hump back..
  21. it's a thin metalic fabric and strait silver leaf for the head (gill plate) I'll post more pics with the 20 min epoxy hopefully it will be a little more even
  22. hot off the vice wounded minnow Had some trouble with the epoxy the hot weather turned my 5 minute epoxy into 2 minute I swear I took a dip applied it to the fly went back for more and it was hard.... (the epoxy) I usually use 20 min but on the prototype I just wanted to see how it looked. need some ideas for the tail.. still have some ideas floating around in my head
  23. fishable with a rattle. still need some ideas for the tail. Should lay on it's side on the surface like a wounded peanut and a twitch every once in a while should do the trick.. It was about 80 (haven't put in the ac yet) and in the middle of the epoxy wham!! the stuff set up and got hard in seconds with no warning.... I usually use 20 minute but for the first one I couldn't wait for the wheel.
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