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  1. maps and stream descriptions with access here: http://www.fishusa.com/FishSalmonRiver/
  2. I decided to post a pic of the flies for anyone interested... tied on TMC 7999 sz 4
  3. Let me know how it works out with Marabou! Hopefully the 'hackles' on a burnt plume will not be to brittle.
  4. Okay...for all you 'purists' out there I did put 'quotes' around the word "Spey", having said that... Discovered a cool cheap way to get/make "spey" hackle. Go to you local craft store and buy a bunch of 'junk' feathers. These will be in almonst evey color of the rainbow and them some in a big pkg and cost you about 4 bucks. It will consist of mostly 'turkey-flats' with a lot of 'chickabou/fluff/whatever' on the base of the stem. Select feathers with the proper length hackle barbs and lay them out on a shop rag or old towel. Prepare a solution of bleach and water mixed to 50/50, or so, in a spray bottle. Spray the feathers making sure they are saturated. Next, go do something else for about an hour. When you come back, blot dry both sides of the feathers with a paper towel. What you have done is lightly 'burned' the barbs on the hackle and when you stroke them aginst the 'grain' they will separate and not ready mend back together. Now tie your fly. Inspired on this web site by a pattern "Black Grape" I expiremented with this and came out with some nice purple and orange (see recent 'Halloween Spey submission' except with a black hair-wing) hair-wing "Spey" flies for Salmon and Steelhead. Good luck and have fun Replies welcome....
  5. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this fly? Many thanks!
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