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  1. Tungsten 1.5mm through 3mm shipped in the United States for $14 per hundred. 4.0mm and 4.6mm $18 per hundred. gold, copper, black, black nickel, silver silver nickel are the colors.
  2. If it is Tungsten I will beat them all on price. They are 1.5mm through 3.0mm $15 per hundred and 4mm and 4.6mm $20 per hundred, shipping included.
  3. Find you some jig heads to tie them on and it will make the process a lot easier and work just as well.
  4. those flies are tied on jig heads that I painted with powder paint. I use 1/80 and 1/100 most of time.
  5. I will probably get a chance to use them the later part of this month in Loveland, Co. If it wasnt for this site and you guys I wouldnt have known anything about Reel Recovery and now I was excepted to the Loveland trip and will get to spend 3 days with guys that share the same troubles and problems that I do and I will also get to spend 2 days fishing in Co. Thanks. Charlie Bonner
  6. http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g22/parr...rb/000_0004.jpg Heres a photo of my favorite bream fly but I cant figure out how to post as a picture just the link.
  7. I use a float and a superlong leader and watch for a very subtle strikes. I have used up to 30 feet worth tippet and everything before most of the times the hits are on the fall.
  8. Pro Tech powder paint and a lighter, just head for about 6 seconds and swipe through the powder paint and its done.
  9. I will get some photos of those flies and post them on here. I dont have any photos of them right now.
  10. 1/80 jig head painted pink charltruese legs, four in rear black ice chenille body and then two more rubber legs on each side next to head. ITs also a killer bream and bluegill fly fished under a strike indicator.
  11. wheres the best place to find those hooks?
  12. I stock 4.6mm, they weight .8871 grams a 5.5mm weighs 1.5341 grams.
  13. It is mucillin that I have heard most folks use when greasing leaders.
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