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  1. Hey guys, I thought I had replied to this one. Lately I've been so busy that even my comments in Troutnut, which is my home forum, have been very brief and limited in scope. I am indeed the same martinlf, and I hope to get back into the swing of things in spring. Administrative tasks as departmental chair are keeping me tied up, plus, of all things, I'm teaching some extra tutorials--including one in Latin. It's lots of fun, but the work seems to never get completely done. I haven't even wet a line in months, nor tied a fly. Nihil sine magno labore vita mortalibus dat. --Horace I did dream of fishing last night, though. --Louis
  2. Although I understand from a friend that June releases have cooled the West Branch down, officials do not appear to be working with the Friends of the Upper Delaware group to keep the trout healthy and unstressed, and the main stem fishable during major hatch times. See http://outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=623863 Please consider calling if you fish this river or if you care about helping preserve the fishery for others.
  3. Hi Roger and all. Just stopped in for the first time. As a Tennessee boy transplanted to Pennsylvania, it's neat to see some folks from my old neck of the woods are doin' some fishing. I hope to get back down sometime and check out some of these waters. Tight lines, ya'll.
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