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  1. Is there any quality difference between Dr. Slick and Orvis Master Tools? I know the Orvis tools are more expensive, but I got a few coupons at the new Orvis store opening, so the price equals out between the two brands. Thanks, -Jim
  2. I'm just getting into fly tying and since everyone seems to agree that I shouldn't by a kit, I need to decided on hooks. Since there is a group purchase on hooks, now seems like a good time to do it. I figured I'd go with the signature hooks, but was wondering what you guys would recommend. I am in North Carolina, so I'll be tying various drys and nymphs to start with. Mostly fishing smaller mountain streams and rivers. I was thinking that the R30's would be good for drys and the R70's for nymphs. Of course there are a lot of other hooks listed, so please mention anything else I might need. Should I just get a pack of each size for 10-28 for each model? I'd like to try some midge patterns on those small sizes... Thanks, -Jim
  3. I'd be interested in some of the signature series hooks as well. -Jim
  4. I am just getting started tying, so I still have a lot of questions about materials. Since my dad is an avid wood duck and turkey hunter, I figure I can get a lot of feathers from him. Question is, which ones should I tell him to save? Thanks, -Jim
  5. mahaney

    Vest or Pack

    I'm in the market for a vest or chest pack. What type are you guys using and what brand? What do you like about your particular vest/pack? I am especially interested in hearing from anyone who uses Filson gear. Thanks, -Jim
  6. Looking for a good match for a Winston BIIx 4wt 8'6" rod. Leaning towards the Lamson Litespeed, but so some picts of the Tibor Spring Creek and thought it was a nice looking reel. I know Tibor makes some of the best salt water reels, but I haven't heard anything about the Spring Creek. Anyone used it? Thanks, -Jim
  7. Now that I've narrowed down my rod/reel choice, I need to decide on what fly line to use. I'll be purchasing a Winston BIIx 4wt 8.5' rod and a Lamson Litespeed 1.5 reel. What fly line would you recommend? Let me know what your using and please include the taper and color. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has found that bright colored fly lines spook fish. Seems like it could be a problem, but maybe it's right up there with rod flash.... Thanks, -Jim
  8. Thanks for the birthday well wishes! I live in NC, so I spent most of the day in the rain, cooking a pig for a late afternoon party. Rain slacked off pretty good by 7:00, just in time to eat some good 'ol eastern style BBQ. More importantly, I'll be getting a new rod/reel as my present! -Jim
  9. mahaney


    Does anyone have a preference on which net to buy? I'll be using it for stream fishing, mostly small browns and rainbows, so I was looking at a 20" model. Orvis has some nice looking nets so I was thinking about going with one from them and maybe their magnetic holder. Any thoughts?? -Jim
  10. I going to have to give night fishing a try too. I fished a section of the Davidson River last week which had a large pool, aptly named "frustration pool". Apparently that section of the river had been dynamited long ago to make a fairly large pool. Needless to say, it is filled with trout (some looking 20+ inches) that won't bite on anything during the day. How do you fish a mouse fly? Do you pop it across the top like a bass fly? -Jim
  11. In my quest for local trout waters, I came across some information on Smith River, VA. It is located ~2 hours from my house, so I am pretty interested in learning more about it. At one time it had some real trophy browns...18+lbs, but now the large ones are in the 10lbs range. It is a tailwater below a hydroelectric damn, that pulls cold water from the bottom of a lake to run the turbines. Hence trout can survive there, even though it is much farther east than most trout streams. So, has anyone fished there? How was it? Thanks, -Jim
  12. I'm tough on my equipment too, so that's why I'm curious about this reel. I figure since I only have limited time to fish, it's not worth it to buy cheap gear. Lots of people say, "If you only use it a few times a year, why not just get something cheap?" Well, if you figure in all the time and money that goes into planning a fishing trip and then going on the trip itself, is it really worth it to take cheap gear that might break and ruin the whole trip? I don't have the time to waste on equipment failure. Right now, the Litespeed is on my "short list" for possible trout reels. I still would like to see some Hardy reels and maybe some Loop reels, but they are a little spendy. -Jim
  13. I probably won't be hammering any nails, but I wonder about it dinging easily if it was dropped on a rocky surface. -Jim
  14. I hit some fly shops last weekend to try out rods and look at reels. One shop recommended the Ross Evolution and the other recommended the Lamson Litespeed. I looked at both and was wondering how the Litespeed holds up to normal wear and tear. The metal is so thin that it looks like it would dent or bend easily. What experience have you litespeed owners had in that respect? When comparing the litespeed to the velocity, I thought the velocity looked and felt stronger even though it is a cheaper model. I read on Lamson's website about the engineering that went into the litespeed. This sounds good for taking on fish, but I worry about taking on rocks.... Thanks, -Jim
  15. mahaney

    Hardy Marquis

    I cannot say from personal experience whether or not the Marquis is a good reel. I can tell you that I posted on a UK flyfishing board about Hardy reels and that reel was mentioned. Link to Post
  16. Well that proves it. Hot babes only use the best fly fishing gear.... -Jim
  17. A few people have mentioned that Hardy reels are "bulletproof" top notch reels. I checked out their webste and was definitely impressed by how they look. These reels look almost too nice to fish with... Checked the pricing and they are pretty expensive, so I was wondering if they are worth it. Does anyone have any experience with this brand? If so, what model/models have you used? I am most interested in the Angel, Sirrus and UDLA models. Thanks, -Jim Hardy's Website
  18. I'm looking for a dependable long lasting reel. Large arbor would be nice, but I guess in 3-4wt, it might not be as necessary as in a 9wt. This category seems to have a lot more players than the high-end salt water selections. So I'm just looking for everyone's opinion on what reel they like best in this size and why. I'm headed to the mountains next weekend to do some trout fishing and was hoping to have an idea of what brands I should check out at the fly shop. Thanks, -Jim
  19. So, who do you guys like for trout reels? I'm looking for something in the 3 to 4wt range to fish with here in NC. While researching for my 9wt setup, most people seemed to agree that Abel and Tibor make the best saltwater reels. Is this also true for freshwater? Thanks, -Jim
  20. mahaney


    Also, what are the best brands for gel-spun and dacron?? -Jim
  21. mahaney

    AR reels

    In my quest for the perfect 9wt reel, I've run across a couple of nice anti-reverse models (Billy Pate for example). It seems though, that people don't like to use these, especially compared with a large arbor reel. Can some tell me why that is? I have yet to find a good comparison between the two. Thanks, -Jim
  22. mahaney


    What do you guys like for your backing material, gel-spun or dacron? Just from looking at the numbers, gel-spun seems like the way to go. It is a little more expensive, but having the extra yardage when that trophy fish goes on run seems like it would be worth it. Is there something I'm missing about dacron? -Jim
  23. I'll add a 7wt set up to my "wish list", right after the 3wt for mountain trout. Hell, I still haven't decided on a reel for my 9wt set up... I booked a trip this morning with DRO for 8/6. The plan is to do a half day wading trip on the Davidson. The report is that the water is a little churned up from rain, so people are catching some nice trout with the decreased visibility. I'll definitely post a trip report when I get back. Hopefully with pictures of me holding large trout!! -Jim
  24. From reading some of the posts on here, it sounds like a good number of you have quite an extensive tackle collection. Of all your gear, what is the one combo you like the best? What makes it your favorite? What species do you target with it? I'd set this up as a poll, but there are just too many combinations!! -Jim
  25. What browser are you using? I've had similar problems with Mozilla (Netscape), but the page loads fine in Internet Explorer. -Jim
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