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  1. Ray, That was my idea as well: there are new members since last year. Few post, I know, but I have been reading from time to time and have learned a lot. I am very impressed by the knowledge here, and that is why I keep my trust in your ability to answer my question, and ask again. I would gladly provide easier questions, but the only time I ask a question is when I have not been able to find anything through my search here, on Google, or in my books, and then the questions tend to be difficult... Regards, Martin in Sweden
  2. It is almost a year since I posted the question above. I got no bite, so I hope you don't mind if I make a second cast... Regards, Martin in Sweden
  3. Thanks for your welcome! I now realize that it sounds like "30 years of experience" and I would much rather say "30 years of enjoyment"... Regards, Martin in Sweden
  4. Here in Scandinavia, one of the most popular dry flies is the sedge/caddis imitation Europea 12. As many of you know, this is fly number 12 in the French Europea-series of flies. Now, I am trying to trace the origins of this series, and it have been much more difficult that I thought! In an article in the Scandinavian fly fishing magazine Flugfiske i Norden, the well known Swedish fly fisher Rolf Smedman once attributed the fly to Tony Burnand. Burnand was a friend of Charles Ritz, and for many years editor of the fishing magazine Au Bord de l’Eau. So far so good, but then I read in a book, by the Danish author Preben Torp Jacobsen, that the originator of the Europea series was André Ragot. Also Ragot was a notable man in French fishing, and founder of the fishing tackle company Ragot. Neither of my sources gives any arguments or further explanations, they just mention the two names. But what was the real story? Perhaps they both were involved? Perhaps Burnand invented the series and Ragot sold them? Or perhaps Ragot invented them but Burnand wrote about them in Au Bord de l’Eau. I have in vain searched the web for a French site explaining this, but it seems that it is only in Scandinavia that these flies are remembered (or rather, that the 12th fly of the series is used though the rest are forgotten). :dunno: Anyone with any further information about the origins of the Europea series? Regards, Martin in Sweden
  5. Hi, Glad to be here! I am a Swede, and I have been a fly fisher and fly tier for almost 30 years, fishing all over Sweden and Norway. I have for many years been focused on sea trout and Atlantic salmon, but have now tried to return to traditional grayling and trout fishing - not the least a result of my love for cane rods. Regards, Martin in Sweden
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