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  1. Not much in that area for sure. You would be better off hitting the Grand in Ontario for steel head towards the mouth or for big Browns by Elora and Fergus.
  2. You will want to talk to a Cathy there. Keep notes of time and date called and people talked to. They are awful. They screwed up my shipment order 3 times. I needed oars. I finaly kept a shorter set and they sent me the proper set. So now I have an extra pair. But it took a couple of months to get them and this was during the season Good luck
  3. If you fear bears the last place you want to stay is on an island!! I have been going to Algonquin for over 20 years. All deaths of humans by bears in Algonquin Park have come on islands. Most bear "incidents" have come on islands. Bates island on Lake Opengo has had deaths and many attacks over the years. Bear "incidents" should be down this year because there should be plenty of berries this year. Bears swim to the islands. Say the island is two acers. The bear during the swim has used a tremendous amount of energy. They smell food on the island. You now have yourself and a bear on a small island. The bear really does not want to leave right away especially with a food source right near them. This is inviting trouble. Islands usually don't have any good hanging trees. For the most part they have been picked clean of firwood as well. So you would have to canoe your firewood over. If you are looking for places to stay. You want to be on main land. Preferably on the East side of the lake. The westerly winds will help keep the bugs down to a minimum. Make sure you cook food at least 100 yards away from camp. Make sure you store your food at least 100 yards from camp. The food needs to be suspened at leats 12 feet up and 10 feet out from base fo tree. Then hung about 6 feet below the branch it is hung over. Bears are smart and can climb with the best. The rivers that Pujic mentioned are great rivers and off the highway 60 corridor. Otterslide creek is another good one and could make for a great overnight trip. If you don't care what access point you leave from I can offer some trip suggestions. Let me know how many days you are going and when. Water levels vary so much depending on time of the year. Some trips are not even possible come August.
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