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  1. so how does this UV type hold up to fishing and wear?
  2. I was just thinking as I perused your flies, "Dang, he just keeps plugging away at perfect flies".....lol
  3. Congrats....now your time will be all your wife's and family's....
  4. Color me GREEN, with envy. Sounds like a heckuva birthday to me. The only thing I got to do for the Queen's Day was work....granted it was time and a half + 8 so I didn't complain Murray
  5. just signed in for the first time in month or more and thats where I click first....worked fine (I'm answering your post) try again....repeatedly... Murray
  6. "Here kitty Kitty Kitty me arse...." Murray
  7. Ahhhh piker...'tis a thing o' beauty! Murray
  8. Nicely done TC, something to be proud of....bookmarked and will be frequented often... Murray
  9. Size will not matter for reds or specks, they eat live pinfish bigger than that....nice hairwork by the way Murray
  10. You da man Steve, super rod and really great of you to do that Murray
  11. Been absent quite a bit lately so I haven't seen your flies....until this one...very nice! Don't forget you can post them and your recipe and tying instructions in the fly pattern database. This is especially useful for the less experianced tiers or even experianced ones. When I come across a new material, I generally check the database to see how to use it. Murray
  12. I absolutely LOVE these Piker....minimalist and perfect! Murray
  13. Flies arrived....a couple o' days ago, nice set that WILL get some use! Thanks for hosting Horseshoes and for the lil extra...perfect hooks for all the small fish I seem to run into...who am I kidding, the ONLY fish I encounter! Murray
  14. I think a craft fur would work nicely there, keep the cost down too! Murray
  15. You have received some good info from some great experienced tiers, some of who guided me along a few years ago when I first started here. They are all correct about tying improving by learning each skill and practicing it. As you progress you will see the improvement in your own work. Some will say to use YouTube...that is ok but you have to be careful. Anyone can post a fly tying video whether they know what the hell they are talking about or not. As you tie more you will be able to tell the true artisans and the bull crappers. Until you get to that point, keep tying, keep posting ,and do not be afraid to ask for help or opinions.....everyone has one of those...lol. As for your flies, you have done extremely well for your first ties. Hans Weilenmann has a great you tube page and a website with some of the best tiers displaying their flies. Daley MacPhail is another great you tube teacher with hundreds of tying vids of the very best quality. Murray
  16. So....that river running through Bridgewater....any good fishin' ?
  17. lykos33

    Fishing on TV

    Tuesday evenings are "Fly Fishing Tuesday" on WFN...unfortunately my new service provider does not offer WFN...&@);/@!it...lol
  18. Just glad to see you are still here on the forum...I was beginning to wonder Murray ps Nicely tied!
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