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  1. I got my Tickets to see the Eagles in Tulsa this Sept. Can't wait! Nate
  2. Right on man! I'm taking the family there in a few weeks. What rivers/Lakes are you going to fish? I'm thinking about hiring a guide to show me the ropes on fishing for brookies. Anyone have any input on guides in the area. Where should we plan on fishing away from the crowds? Thanks Nate
  3. TV, Laptop computer, Dt Coke and Skoal!!!!!!! Nate
  4. Check out the Bass Pro Shop Rouge River. It's made by Old Town and sales for $299. It comes with 2 paddels and the canoe is stable enough to stand up and fish, just don't set the hook too hard. I think they are having a sale next month, You might be able to pick one up for $250. I love mine, very basic. Makes a great poor man's boat. Nate
  5. Been There, Done That! I had my current state license, I just didn't know I needed a city fishing permit for the small lake I was on. A local police officer gave me a ticket and a court date. He never ask me for my state license, just for the permit. It cost me $100 and 90 days probation. The sign at the lake said License requried, I thought I was good! Oh well, live and learn.
  6. Monty, I assume that you are looking at the new Anvil true rotary. I have read great things about this vise. Great for the money. I have the Anvil Apex Vise which I love. Great holding power on the jaws and very easy to use. Not a true rotary. I got it from Bass Pro for $99.99. I just upgraded to a true rotary, I wanted to get the new Anvil vise but none of my local shops sell it. I went with the Peak Vise at the same $140 price range. I love it. If you are looking to stay in the under $150 range, look at both of these options. Nate
  7. hikefar82

    Table Rock Lake

    Big E, Branson is a good place for families. Best thing, there are tons of things for your family to do while you fish. Outlet malls, water parks, siliver dollar city, and many shows. Personaly, I'm not a big fan of country music shows and shopping, but the fishing is great in the area. Check out Lake Tannycomo, great trout fishing. If you are intrested in a good place to stay, look into Big Ceder Lodge. They have cabins and a hotel, great food and bars. Plus they have there own marina and boat rentals. Only drawback in the price, it's a little expensive. Nate
  8. Oasis fly benches sells them in 9.5" x 11.5" sheets with sticky back. I baught a few of them from Bass pro Shops. I have them hanging on the wall by my vise. They run about $13.95. http://www.oasisbenches.com/accessories.htm www.bassproshops.com Nate
  9. After tying trout and bass flies for the past year, I recently started tying Crappie jigs. So far, I have been buying painted jig heads but I would like to start painting my own. I was looking at the Pro-Tec Powder paint on Do-it's website. http://www.do-itmolds.com/prodpaint2.aspx?c=166 Has anyone used this paint? Will it only stick to lead? I would like to be able to paint beads for some unique beadhead nymphs. also, does anyone poor their own jig heads? Is it much trouble? Thanks for the input. Nate
  10. http://outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com/zerothre...t&id=714811 Above is a link to a picture of a San Juan Worm Ball tied by someone else. Nate
  11. duckydoty, Thanks for the info on fly selection. It's sad, I live less than a mile from that part of the river, I still have not fished it yet. I only have a 6 wt, I have been saving up for a heavy wt bass fishing rig. How outmatched would I be using my 6 wt. on that water. I guess the weight of the flies would be my biggest problem. After being dry for a few weeks for repair to the dam, everything is back to normal. We didn't get near as much rain as you. Thanks Nate
  12. Cornmuse, Great pattern. Thanks for the link! Nate
  13. Zach, Yes, I will be at the smallmouth rendezvous. I had a great time last year. A few friends of mine will be tying at the show this year. I will only be able to attend on Friday morning due to work. I have been fishing the lower for a year now for trout, but I am just getting into striper fishing. I would love to come down and go after the new state record. My friend is taking me out to the Arkansas River as soon as the water level drops. How's the lower after all the rain? PM me sometime, We shold wet a hook. Thanks everyone for your input, I have a few new patterns to tie. Nate
  14. Gang, A friend of mine ask me to tie some Striper flies for him. He will be fishing the Arkansas River in Tulsa, OK. The River is low enough to wade and he will be fishing below a low water dam and around rock jetties. 15-20 lb bass are not unusual, however most will be 5-10 lb. So far I have tied him Closer deep minnows and Half & Halfs. What would you suggest? Also, Can anyone tell me if Saltwater baitfish patterns will work in freshwater, assuming that I change the colors to match local baitfish? Thanks Nate
  15. I noticed that you used Modle Separator for the coating. Could you give me more info on this product? Killer fly! nate
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