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  1. Hey thanks for the advice! Those websites are very helpful. Good luck to yourself and your fiancee in Gaspe, and thanks again for the info.
  2. Thanks for the article! It was most informative, as well as packed with stunning pictures. I'll be counting down the days...and trying to convince the Mrs. of extending the stay in Gaspe!
  3. I plan to try an unguided trip in Gaspe for salmon in Quebec, but only for a whole day. I'm bringing my girlfriend, and I think she'll get bored of fishing if it's more than a day. Anyone have any advice? We plan on doing this on the way to Nova Scotia, so if anyone has any NS fly fishing info that would be great, preferably for something we don't have in Ontario (such as stripers, mackeral, shad, chain pickeral, etc.). Thanks in advance to any do-gooders!
  4. I'm not sure the girlfriend will be into that too much! I get a hard enough time with the waders and rod tube in the back!
  5. Yes I had a blast as well! We should definitely do another outing, perhaps on our home court. I am anxious to fish that scenic stretch again. I can definitely see why you treasure that river so.
  6. is it just going to be the 3 of us? if so, do you want me to meet you any earlier?
  7. so from toronto, i take 400 north to highway 26 west all the way? or is there an easier way?
  8. that's crazy driving. i noticed that many of the members here are hardcore when it comes to the commute. i am game for a car pool. if anyone is coming through toronto, let me know.
  9. i'm game for either time. just need to know, and i have a station wagon we can leave at one end.
  10. i'm definitely game. do you guys mean the canadian or american side?
  11. i'm game. would you guys mind a "beginner" tagging along? i'm new to fly fishing for steelhead (but not new to fly fishing).
  12. Everyone seems to be all over the place! I'd love to go to PA, ot Florida, or NY, but my job (and girlfriend) won't let me! Any guys in Ontario game for a more local outing?
  13. Thanks for the info. I actually tried yesterday without any luck. Saw a few but no takers. Man is it cold wading almost chest deep in November! I think I'll try for steelhead until it warms up.
  14. Is there a reasonable chance of fly fishing for carp now (in Ontario)? It's getting pretty chilly, but I don't know much about their biology to determine if I should make a day of it or not. They're pretty fun in the summer, and I can only hope it still holds true in the autumn.
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