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  1. QUOTE (denduke @ Jun 12 2004, 07:53 PM) Never been accused of being the brightest lite on the tree. Just bothers me to reply/post when I don't know where the users are from. Seems like that makes a definite bearing on things related to one's ideas and knowledge of certain things, especially regional stuff. Not tryin to make waves just curious. If this is available and I'm missin the boat fill me in and delete this post. Thanks. X2 the moniker needs a "location" field. Keedysville, Maryland 10 minutes away from the upper Potomac River.
  2. Greedyfly the big four-O flyfishing for 32 years
  3. QUOTE (D.Waterflogger @ Jul 21 2004, 03:34 PM) Welcome Greedyfly. I fish PA and have fished MD but I take my hat off to you. You're a regular "Gad About". I'm envious n00b needs defining of "Gad About" Thanks all it looks like a great forum with great people. appalachian angler you laughin' at my dawg? Bryanfly I have fished a few South Central PA streams Yellow Breeches and Falling Springs. Also the Upper Delaware River.
  4. I fish MD,VA,WV,PA,NY. haha I like this smilie
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