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  1. :ripped: :yahoo: If my "anatomical parts used to procreate" were as big as my Lahontan I would be making pornos for a living and not tying flies! Josh
  2. Considering there are 16 year old girls from Sri Lanka that have already doubled that number... Meh, I am not that impressed. Thanks for the cheap shot though! Josh
  3. Are you set on Bucktail and Clousers? We chase the Lahontans every year with Tui Chub patterns. My go to flies are Diamond Hair Minnows and BH Mega Simi's in olive/white or gold/white. The fish in my avatar fell to this pattern. And don't forget, Tui Chub can get pretty big. Seems every year we are throwing bigger patterns and catching bigger fish. This little guy (who happened to take a nymph) was only ~21" and regurgitated a 5-6" chub. Josh
  4. Working on a few mice patterns in hopes of some late night browns. :headbang: Disk-O Mouse Hook - Mustad sz.2 SS Thread - Uni 6/0 in desired color Tail - Foam (tapered and stretched) Body – Foam disk & Deer hair in desired color Eye - Doll / Googly / Rattle Eyes Faster to tie, less mess, more buoyant, does not hold as much water and the foam head gives more of an erratic action on the strip. This pattern sits high on the water and stays dry. Moorish Mouse (or at least my take on it. ) Hook - Mustad sz.2 SS Thread - Uni 6/0 in desired color Tail – Squirrel or Rabbit strip. Body - Foam & Deer hair in desired color “Mice don’t float, they swim!” Seems obvious right? Right? This pattern sinks down low in the water but still stays on the surface. The Gurgler like head creates a very erratic action and pushes a ton of water. The fur strip tail just helps add a little more motion to the mix. So which do the fish like more? Is it situational? Does it matter? Well I hope to conduct quite a bit of research this weekend so I will keep you posted. Josh
  5. This is the STP frog right ? Are you using the foam cutters ? Looks like a winner. Josh
  6. Here is the link to his YouTube videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/NEWFLIES I have used a number of his products and the service is top notch. Josh P.S. Everytime I have ordered from him he has included a bunch of free materials with my order. Good stuff!
  7. Mine are done. 12 Olive Simi Micro Bugger sz. #14 + a few bonus flies for Fred. Fred can you PM my your snail mail address and will get these shipped out on Monday. Thanks Josh
  8. Put me down for a "Micro" Olive Arizona Simi Seal (not AZ Semi Seal) Bugger. sz. 12 or 14. Josh
  9. This would be my first swap on the FTF but I have done many on other forums. I would love to be in on this if you have room for one more. Thanks Josh
  10. Peacock herl and rubber legs! Don't make me pick just one.... Josh
  11. Great question! I have heard of a difference in "action" or more of how a fly "sits" when talking about up / strait / down eye on dry flies but I am not sure how the action would be affected as far as up / strait / down eye for streamers go. Josh
  12. 10 handi cam fishing videos, and 5 pattern videos with such complex flies as the Zebra midge (tied incorrectly) and Walts Worm. I think I will stick to Hatches and YouTube. Josh
  13. Been there, done that, lost the fight. Josh
  14. Josh, Send snboggs some hairs and he'll send you the stonefly pattern! Mine is a untanned hide that has been in the freezer for the last 8 months. These things STINK! Even with the scent gland cut off. What part of the body do you need the hair from ? I would imagine the ridge/collar hairs ? Josh
  15. That is incorrect! Peccary or better known in the US as Javelina are in NO WAY related to pigs or boars. More like a giant Guinea Pig. I have 3 mounts on my wall and a pelt in the freezer from last years hunt. Now if only I could find a good pattern that calls for it. Josh
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