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  1. beautiful fish... I just love the look of steelheads! Hopefully this year I can hook into one
  2. if there is a spot open I would like to be in on this.. pattern Calcasieu Pigboat
  3. http://www.warmwaterflyfisher.com/flymonth/FOTM032002.htm thats the fly it comes from the book Bluegill....... Fly fishing & flies by terry & roxanne wilson. I am just having trouble all around with it. Its not turning out right. I cant get it to sink at a 45 degree angle and compared to the pictures it doesnt look like it.
  4. Can someone help me with tying this fly. I just cant seem to get it right at all... sad thing to say since its suck a simple fly .
  5. logy

    Spider Grub

    how hard is this fly to make for a beginner?
  6. Bass pro shops does sell a bass kit. I did make the mistake of buying that and boy is everything crap. I wish I would have saved my $40's to buy some better equipment. I will agree with everyone else, STAY AWAY FROM THE KITS!
  7. Thanks for the tip. I did not know how much hair to use.
  8. Here are a couple more I tied. clouser minnow and bentback
  9. ROFL.. i went fishing today out on a pier and i got it stuck on a conapy of a boat already..
  10. The only problem is that some of the feathers for the tail rotated
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