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  1. Here are the four sizes and a couple color variations. Philly..you may be right on that down turned eye..Thank you!!..Nate
  2. Mikechell, It sits slight tipped back.The silhouette is dead on.You can strip it across the surface or get the nose under and fish it just under the surface.I'm trying to get it to walk the dog..The legs maybe causing a bit to much drag..Nathan
  3. Philly, 1mm foam for the belly..2 mm for the top.Cohens lg legs.There is med. lead dum bell eyes tied at the rear of hook shank above barb.Crystal chenille up the shank..rubber for front legs.I just happened across this metallic foam
  4. Been messing with this pattern for a while..I think Ive got it about right now..Nate
  5. The dungeon rocks..great products at great prices!!..Nathan
  6. Mike, Here are the two type worms I use.I like the Lip Ripperz a bit more..just cut to length.The diameter of the worm makes it difficult to tie it in so I Add a bit of nylon to tie to ( notice the yellow worm in the picture)Just heat your bodkin and make a whole about 1/4 deep...Melt the top of the nylon to a ball add some super glue Joel and slide the nylon into the whole in the worm and set aside to dry.Nathan
  7. Beautiful work Mike..We should start a “Fly Rod Lure” revolution....Nate
  8. Thanks for the comments guys!!.. Joe, Dont you wish you still had those lures?..Nate
  9. Nice looking frogs!!..Nate
  10. Fly rod lures were very popular until the end of WWII when returning soldiers from Europe brought back spinning reels..That kind of ended the fly rod lure run.Ive built wooden Swimbaits and crankbaits for years.I thought Id give a modern twist to a old lure style..The Lure is made from Balsa...I designed this one for bass..It casts well on my 10 weight and can be thrown on a 9.This lure weighs less than some big dreamers do when wet..Nathan
  11. I dont know what else to say...It casts well..and floats really well.Ive spent a lot of time with it on my pond while developing it. I used a worm tail for movement..I want my flies to look alive...There isnt that much weight added with the worm tail..Plus it cocks the butt down just a hair and gets it under water...I could have used foam for the tail but that would give no movement at all..Nathan
  12. Mike, The body is a trout size rubber worm..I use white so I can color them with sharpies..makes for body with a lot of movement That is 3mm foam...That thing floats like a cork.And the wings do not cause any casting problems...They just suggest wings..nothing really to catch the air..Nathan
  13. Been working on this one on and off for about a year..I think I have it about done..Nathan
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