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  1. Was just there an mouth ago. If you stop at the fly shop you can get help to find the fish. I was staring my grandson and found lots of fish. What time of year it will be hard not to fish on top but it should be a good time
  2. For me I use a 1/80 oz jig on my 4 wt fly rod and have very good luck. You can put any pattern you like on that jig and catch fish. I like a marabou jig for a start then play from there with the jig.
  3. Yes have three sizes in white and have been painting the popper. Have got a lot of bass on the one I use in the river.
  4. Have been there in the may time frame. My best fly was the Sili Leg Gotcha in the tan color size 6. you will find large schools of fish and it was the most fun to see the large number on bonefish. Hope this helps.
  5. Love the the poppers. It is nice to see the old time patterns are still out there. Will have to try making some.
  6. Love the poppers. I am going out and look for sone to use for beetles to fish bluegills with.
  7. glad you had fun and looking forward to see the pictures.
  8. Looks good will have to make some.
  9. Try a 1/124 oz jig head. They are in all the fly catalogs. Have use them before and have good luck with them and come in all colors or make them yourself.
  10. Have been to Belize at El Pescador on Ambergris Caye. At no time did I need a stripping basket to fish. Most of the fish where only 50 to 60 feet cast. You will need to learned to hit a spot, so that I did was to put paper plates out in the in front at unknown distance and cast at then. This helps me get ready to go. Enjoy it and if you would like to talk more let me know.
  11. I am using the nothing special in a size 10 (White/chart, Chart/Black). and have done well so far. Hi fly is a good one.
  12. Do tie some got 7 lm bass and one bluegill today. largest bass was 18" long on a size 10 hook. The fly was a white/chart and it had a silver bead. Hve been happy with this fly.
  13. Looks like it is going good for you. Am a Commercial Fly Tier and am tie for a shop in wilmington NC. For me you need to start with some top water like the gurgler, Crese Fly and diving fly with a soft head. Next is shrimp and it is your pick. The guides I tie for like a mix of flies (EP Spawing shrimp, pink cocktail shrimp and ultra shrimp). Next some bait fish Peanut Butter, Beandback, Clouser Minnows and Surf Candy. Last some crabs being Flats Bunny and Merkin. I hope this helps for now. Just setting down to tie some for the shop in town. Good luck for me it is a short time and I will have to move to find a new job and there is none in this town, but am sill going to tie for the shop her.
  14. Made some of the nothing special in size 10 chart/black. got out to fish in a pond and got one bluegill and one lm bas 12" long. The fie is a good a keeper in am seating down today a make some more colors up. Am going to try a oilve/black and white/black, this two colors work best in my water.
  15. The foam is not bad to work with and the dremal tool makes sort work of it. For the one's on the beaches I all ways pick then up and use it on the next one. I have one guide that bring the popper back to be re-done. This is help with his cost and the fly gets bet up before it gets lost. The fly is a tube and on sailfish it slides up away from the hook. I have try to make from deer and cut but it dose not pop the same.
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