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  1. That is fantastic.I wish i could tye that good! Chris.
  2. Holy shit! :bugeyes: Dave that is amazing. Have you any thoughts on writing a book with pics of your flees. If so i would buy it. Chris.
  3. Great looking fly Mike ,i will hopefully get some time to have a go this weekend. :headbang: Chris.
  4. A lovely fly . One minor detail the antiques were tied with the wing opposite way round . longest tips nearest the body . It is a beauty . Chris.
  5. Effing great Mike! What a belter! :headbang: Chris.
  6. That is an amazing fly . :headbang: Where can i get hooks like that?I have been reforming some but just don't have the time. Chris.
  7. That fly looks amazing Davie ! :headbang: Chris.
  8. I love my HMH i bought 2 last year and can't see past them .I also bought their carry case ,baseball cap ,coffee mug,tube fly system ,midge jaws and the magnum jaws.If they start a line in pyjamas i'd snap them up too. Regards an official HMH bum. Bye the way i don't work for them .
  9. Hi Mike , That is great looking flies . Well done that man. :headbang: Chris.
  10. Aye Aye min. That is an absolute cracker Mike . Please take it over on Friday for a closer look .Amazing colours!! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :headbang:
  11. Many thanks for the kind remarks folks. Chris
  12. Hi folks it been a while and as u can seei am very rusty! All comments welcome. Chris.
  13. Hi phil . What a lovely looking Doctor. :headbang: :headbang: Chris.
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