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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by scotfly: Simple Black Nymph-Head
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by scotfly: Greensleeves
  3. You can tie paraloops without a gallows tool, but it's much easier with a gallows tool. I tie mine slightly differently to Ian Moutter. (paraloop originator) He uses two anchor points for forming the paraloop, one above and one behind to hold the formed paraloop out of the way. I simplified it by using only one anchor point, but I mount the gallows tool independent of the vice so that I can move it to where I want. You can see what I mean here... http://ukflydressing.proboards.com/index.c...&thread=579
  4. I have one and I like it Vern. It takes a little getting used to the single leg design, but the tension control is easy to set. I use it mainly for very fine threads such as Spiderweb and Benecchi threads, I find the Gnarled edges on the Benecchi spools catch on the legs of conventional bobbins.
  5. Not too difficult to do once you know how ramsis. These should help you... http://ukflydressing.proboards.com/index.c...amp;thread=4046 http://ukflydressing.proboards.com/index.c...amp;thread=4113
  6. I'm with halcyon, some of you guys are confusing a dubbing brush with a dubbing rake. A dubbing rake is for removing the fur from the skin. A dubbing brush is for "roughing-up" the dubbing, after it has been applied to the hook. I also agree that the LAW Ceramiscrape is the best one to get. Others such as the Ken Newton dubbing rake are good too.
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    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by scotfly: Twin
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by scotfly: Halo Ghost
  9. Very nice Terje. I think a few of them will find their way into my box come may!
  10. Another tool junky here! :wallbash: All their tools, as you know, are expensive. They are all very well made, whether they do the job better than other tools is debatable. However, in most cases they will be more pleasurable to use. Of the C & F tools I have.. Bobbin holder, comfortable in the hand and the tension is easily adjustable. It's main advantage is the foam insert at the base of the ceramic tube. If your thread breaks it doesn't shoot back down the tube! (worth the money for that reason alone) It also keeps the thread tensioned when your not tying with it. Non-rotary hackle pliers, what salty dog said. Rotary hackle pliers, best and most versatile tool I have. I use them for so much more than just wrapping hackles. Grip is excellent, they are very comfortable to use and offer excellent control. I take it you mean the turbo dubbing twister? I don't have that tool. I recently saw another tier giving a demo using a cheaper turbo dubbing twister and I was very impressed with the dubbing ropes he manufactured with it and I really can't see the C & F one doing a better job.. though it does look sexier.
  11. Just use dyed black squirrel, it's what 99.99% of European tyers use.
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    Thanks for the comments folks. Just to clarify, the body is deer hair spun in a double loop. The legs are pre-made. The Roman Moser Deer dubbing is a blend of deer hair and synthetic and is easy to work with.
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    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by scotfly: BHS
  14. scotfly


    Thanks for the comments folks. Not yet. Rules in my neck of the woods are dry fly only until 1st July, and I haven't been out this month yet. :wallbash:
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    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by scotfly: Ghost
  16. A recent purchase, Fieldfare; just begging to be spiderised.
  17. In my vice today were some Partridge and .....
  18. Thanks for the comments guys. Rockworm, the when is easy.. whenever there are fish to be caught. Being more specific though, the Stewart's would be anytime. The Harelug and Plover when olives are about. The dark watchet is for when IBD's are about. The how, normally that would depend on many factors. My method of choice would be upstream, which is just as well, the rules on my club waters are upstream fishing only!
  19. Don't know if this is the right place for these, but here goes anyway. Stewart's Black Spider HOOK - Kamasan B160 #16 THREAD - Brown Pearsal's (waxed with cobblers wax) HACKLE - Starling Hare Lug and Plover HOOK - Drennan Traditional Wet Fly - #16 THREAD - Brown Pearsal's HACKLE - Golden Plover TAG - Fine Flat Gold RIB - Fine Gold Wire BODY - Hare's Ear ( Dark hare taken from the tip of the ear) Dark Watchet (Pritt) HOOK - Drennan Traditional Wet Fly #14 THREAD - Orange Pearsal's HACKLE - Jackdaw (neck) BODY - Orange and Purple Silk, twisted together and touch dubbed with mole.
  20. Been a member for nearly 2 years now! I've looked in occasionally, but not nearly enough. There's some great stuff on here and a lot of fantastic tyers. Lots for me to learn and hopefully I'll be able to give a little too. I see a few familiar names here who'll know me, but for those that don't.... I answer to scotfly, Dennis, or just plain idiot :devil: (If you think it's appropriate) I've been tying and fishing for over 40 years. I'm crap at both and still learning, but I'm happy with my slow progress. I'm Scottish born and bred, but live and earn my living near London where I fish the local Chalkstreams. (Avon, Wylye, Bourne, Ebble and Nadder) But I jump at ever chance possible to do "proper" fishing on the spate/freestone rivers further north and up home in Scotland. I like to, when possible, fish dry or soft hackles for the native Browns. I also have very occasional forays after Salmon and Seatrout.
  21. I pre-ordered Hatches, my money was accepted and I waited patiently for delivery. Then when it was released my money was refunded! No explanation! Very disappointed.
  22. Very sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with Derek and his family. Hoping for a full and speedy recovery.
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