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  1. That was last year's information. Haven't heard if they are having it again this year or not.
  2. I know the original pattern did not use any weight, but are any of you guys trying these weighted? Will that hinder the action?
  3. TheCream, absolutely awesome. did you do anything to the tail to make it stiff or leave it just as is?
  4. Hey Sandfly, we want to see pics of the shark! Fly looks great.
  5. The hooks I have been using for smaller poppers are the Mustad 3366. #4 I use for the small rainy's foam bass popper head. The small poppers are 16mm x 12mm
  6. The group of poppers I had fun painting. These were my favorites out of the group.
  7. is that life flex on the sides of that fly? If so, do you have any problems with it splitting at the ends when you cut it?
  8. Dun hackle Coastal Deer Hair Hares Mask Peacock Herl Partridge #14 dry fly hook Brown thread Grizzly hackle would provide for dry flies for parachutes, catskill, griffith gnats and other midges, and caddis flies. The deer hair could be used for caddis, posts for parachutes, comparaduns, beetles, and more. Hares mask would give you dubbing and tailing material. Peacock would give you darker body or stripped for a different look. Partridge would provide for wet flies or some small makeshift wooly buggers.
  9. http://DeansCustomFlies.blogspot.com/
  10. Welcome! There are a lot of great things on this site for sure! I really enjoy the videos you have been doing. Keep up the great work on them. Dean Myers
  11. The one I have that I really like for poppers, big streamers and allows for double sided storage is the Feather Craft Meat Locker. I have seen people also using those Cliff Bugger boxes and seem to do well with them in there as well.
  12. I got my flies today too. Everyone did great. Cannot wait to fish them all!
  13. When will these flies be shipped out? I am getting really anxious to be able to fish all these patterns.
  14. Funny you bring this up, I was just doing some creating with these. What ya think?
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