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  1. Nice, what an awesome tie and a great catching success. That pike has some really nice markings on it. Congrats. Some day I'll have to get me some deer hair and start learning. It looks great.
  2. Wow, that was fast, thanks guys. That makes sense.
  3. Those are simply incredible, really amazing. :headbang:
  4. A question for more experienced anglers. Do you find your weed-guard causing missed hook-ups or it makes no difference in your opinion? Also, do you guys think a stinger/trailing hook will increase my bite/hook-up ratio? I think it will but I just hate the fly body materials getting all tangled around two hooks now. Thanks for your opinions. Roman
  5. Me too. Nicely done and I am gonna have to subscribe to your youtube, awesome vids. Thanks Roman
  6. Awesome poppers, totally professional look. Actually, I purchased some in the past that did not come close to your paint job. What type of paint do you use and how long will I have to practice to make them look this good? :thumbup:
  7. I know this should probably be posted in a different forum. Moderators please move it if it doesn't belong here. I just picked a first frequent forum I could think of. Rusty Gates passed away after his battle with cancer. He loved fly tying, fly fishing, conservation and everything related to it. He will be missed. His website bears the sad news. http://www.gateslodge.com/fishing.htm
  8. JRC

    Pike flies?

    Absolutely did, thank you very much. Roman
  9. Why not, it would be an easy starter to an important conversation we should have with our kids. It will either be us parents giving them information or their friends in school and internet giving them "information" (God forbid). My younger daughter (9 years) just saw condoms in the grocery store the other day while waiting in line to check out. She goes, "Daddy what's that?" I said, "those are for daddies who don't want to get mommies pregnant if they don't want any more children". She says, "oh, ok", then she "picked" their best friends family example (5 kids) and applied the new info she just received saying, "well Mr. so and so (her best friends dad) sure could use one of those". Needles to say I was LOL and other people in the line were trying no to. If my buddy only knew, all his adult friends are picking on him (3 of the 5 were accidents), and now even his kid's friends are coming to conclusions. :-) Priceless.
  10. Hello there, Anybody here willing to share their personally proven pike flies and strategies? I'd like to specifically target pike this next year and since I never went after them with a fly rod I need some education. Besides getting "google info" and general patterns from various databases and articles, I would be interested to know your personal favorites along with your successful strategies. Thanks Roman
  11. Now, that right there is funny. Thanks for that great laugh, I sure needed one. I'd pay some good money to see that in person. That would make my year.
  12. Yeah, no kidding, really impressive step by steps on that site. I registered too and now visit every day.
  13. just searched youtube and found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nExzrttqKIo never tried it yet but looks pretty easy. I'll definitely give it a try
  14. What I found in my limited experience is to cut it longer then what I need, move it over the hook very carefully, try not to twist it at all while maneuvering it and after "tie-down" trim the end that opened up. It is mostly the left end (I am right handed) that goes over the hook eye first from right to left that causes problems. I'd really love to hear some experienced tiers tricks as well. Any tips how to work it better?
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