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  1. they didn't stick the middle finger up but the index and middle finger as theese were cut off any archer caught by the french so the british " v " sign was used as a viual taunt to opposing forces that the bowmen could still pull ther bows ask any good history teacher and he will confirm this nothing to do with the " f " word .... also archers of the day had a secondary purpose after a battle they toured the battlefield dispatching all the badly wounded with a long bladed knife !!
  2. had to put european but i'm English and proud of it come from Malvern near were they make worcester sauce and were the spring water comes from
  3. im very new to the whole fly fishing and tying experience (march this year) but totaly hooked , no pun intended , so expect some pretty basic questions from me mainly fish stillwaters but hope to get onto a river in the next few weeks after sea trout (i hope) i hope to be able to contibute as much as possible
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