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  1. Seeing the same questions time and time again have pushed me to frequent less, but I still frequent. I've never been a major contributor but always been on. I've had a promotion also that leaves me no time for the vise. The look and feel of the forum have nothing to do with it.
  2. Float-tubes are a great way to fish inaccessible water. There are rods that have been designed specifically for float tubing, I fish on of those long, long rods and definitely feel they are an advantage. My only advise is, there is a little connection they give you for pumping the boat up, carry that with you in the boat while fishing, if your boat is losing a little air over a long day of fishing you can insert and manually blow up the tube. PFD is a great backup, fins are an absolute necessity, a bellows foot pump is a great alternative to slow labor intensive hand pumps. I have also been known to carry a FT in my bass boat and left the girlfriend in the boat and departed on my own in the tube (please use a PFD when trying this manueaver). I have experience with on major failure of the main tube, and I was able to easily kick myself to shore with the boat around my ankles because of the kick fins. Fins in my book are not just for moving around but a safety device in their own right. Difference between an expensive FT and a cheap one? More money in the wallet for beer at the end of the day IMHO.
  3. Dude you have to use GEM razor blades. The hair springs off of the blade they make trimming a breeze. I've used other blades but nothing compares to those GEM's in the grey packages.
  4. I have a sage LM it is nice, but I found it to be too short keep fish out of the weeds and/or on top of them. I also fish alot of bearmed lakes so the short rod length works against me. I soon switched to a helios 10wt, much nicer rod for the job but it isn't part of everyones budget... But it would take this rod hands down to any other I own. I have since bought another in a 8wt.
  5. Skins can be cured with borax and salt. My suggestion is to leave road kill on the road unless you just hit it yourself. The major fear of every tier is bringing bugs into their treasured tying materials, I suggest that your quarantine all your materials in the freezer for a few weeks before bringing them into your tying area, even those that you purchase. After they have been in the freezer for a few weeks zap them in the microwave for a few seconds... at a time. Make sure you don't cook the skins, you can ruin them. Then throw them back into the freezer for a bit a week or so. Always inspect your materials that your purchase!
  6. I bought a Danvise when I had some jaw issues with my 'Cuda... I returned it 3 weeks later, and bought a Cuda Traveler as a backup...It is all personal preference but you can keep the Danvise....Only other vise I've enjoyed tying on other than Dyna-kings are Regals. Which as I say that...I never really hear anyone going crazy about there regal and that it is the best vise out there. But they hold large stainless hooks well.
  7. Actually nobody was calling anyone a hater, I believe the meaning was lost in "Forum Speak". Dude your best bet is to go and try to cast some rods, I will say that I don't totally believe in saying dollars equates to status, but I will say that dollars do equate to performance of gear, BUT....It is not a linear relationship. If I spend 800 dollars on a rod is it really 4 times better than a 200 dollar rod, no...is it still significantly better? You bet your junk it is. Is a 50 to 200 dollar rod a bad rod? Not unless you don't know how it casts before you buy it then are stuck with it when you don't like it. It is only over priced if you buy it sight unseen, cast, fished whatever you want to say and you hate it and so you need to go get another. I have 3 older St. Croix Imperials, they are great rods I don't remember but I don't think they were over $200. But they definitely are different rods in comparison to some of the cannons in the stable. My first fly rod was a Berkley I don't knwo what....I fished that rod for 10 years, and it was fine.
  8. If it is a few inches and You don't want to replace the line, just cut it off and move on. Otherwise replace. Cleaning your line on a regular basis, not keeping it in extreme hot or cold will help prevent this typically.
  9. I like that first fly quite a bit. Your Vise is that a cobra? Mine sits on the shelve all the time, I've had 2 pair of jaws explode sending shards of brittle metal at my face. I'm actually afraid of the vise.
  10. Mustad 3407 and 34007 too, I have boat loads of these hooks. They are my primary hook for bass and pike.
  11. Yea I know that it sounds wierd about wanting to stay with one manufacturer of hooks but I have a method to my madness, and it helps me from committing hook sprawl....same hook with 4 different manufacturers in 10 different sizes.... Just trying to decide who is going to be my primary these days. I picked up some Daichii bass hook they aren't bad, Maybe I'll just do a bit of a hook bake off. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. I'm going to be putting in an order and I'm not sure if I'm going to be buying TMC or Mustad Signature Hooks. I've always tied on Mustad Classic and was never really thrilled with them they were servicable but not fanastic. What are your thoughts on these two? Honestly the TMC hooks end up being about twice as expensive as I can tell because we are talking 25 vs 50 hook packs. I wish that Stockard carried Gamakatsu hooks because honestly they are so forking sharp I often have to leave the bench because of loss of blood. I've also considered giving togen a spin because of the price but...then I step away from the ledge. So what do you think TMC or the Mustads?
  13. Beautiful Dog Bed (we've now got 3 beds for 2 dogs) a bed on each level, A helios 10wt, the Battenkill that it came with and a Hardy Demon. More than one could ask for. O yea and a wonderful day with family.
  14. No not yet, I bought a kit to do it myself but I think I'm just going to bring it in to have it fixed. Why you have a similar issue? Nah, my canoe doesn't have a gelcoat, Lewy! I just recalled the discussion we have back in the summer about the damage to your new boat...was just curious how it worked out. Gotcha...I've been super busy with work which makes me super lazy with "tasks", this qualified as a "task". I am going to get it straightened out this winter, so I can throw another scratch on it this summer!
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