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  1. I went with the Peak. Both are great works of machining. You'll get a better deal from Jstockard on the Peak than from BPS. I'm very happy with my choice.
  2. got an order in from Flyshack. Yeah its all import stuff, but pretty darn good for what you pay. They have good prices on hooks and free shipping over $25.
  3. Got a Peak Vise on the way. I ordered a couple of ceramic bobbins from flyshack though. Prices are pretty good. I've been ordering my tying supplies from Hook and Hackle.
  4. Does anyone have any experience with the tying tools from flyshack.com? I buy a good bit of stuff from them (hooks and flies), but have never ordered any of their tools.
  5. What a great weekend! My Clemson Tigers won and I got a new vice on the way. The Mrs. ordered the Peak vise for me this weekend for Christmas. Yippppeeee! By the way, are Rite Bobbins worth the extra $$'s?
  6. I spent some time chatting with Kurt from Peak. It appears that this will be my coice, but I have to keep carrying my lunch to work for a few more weeks to save up the $$'s. As Killer Beaz says, "SAVE UP"
  7. First of all, thanks to all of you. I see by doing some searching that you answer this question on a daily or weekly basis. I have decided to go to my local shop here and try some things out. Also, our local TU chapter meeting this mnth just happens to be on tying, so I should get some good exposure to several vises in a short amount of time. I would like to stay with a more "traditional" type of vise, but who knows. Probably be a DK kingfisher or a HMH. Once again thanks.
  8. I will be traveling down the pathway to tying my own flies very soon. Can I get some guidance into a first vise. I want to try and keep the purchase under $150 on a first vise. Here is what I've narrowed the field to either the HMH Silhouette or the Peak Vise. Any input is appreciated, and any suggestions other than the Silhouette or peak are also welcome.
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