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  1. Super excited after getting my vise, and I just started tying last week. I dont have as much time I'd like to practice with a new infant in the house, but I still try to get in a few moments when I can. Here are some pictures of a few flies I tied this week. I bought a kit to tie Denny Rickards Seal Bugger, and started playing with a few dubbing variations. For the life of me, I cant get the hackle correct - it keeps pointing forward... I also notice that my ribbing isnt very even, and on my initial attempts, the tails ended up being longer than they should. Any other suggestions/critiques?
  2. Biggest peice of advise I can give you is to learn how to use the jaws properly. Make sure the jaw cam clicks in a 90 degree angle... I seriously can't stress this enough. Thanks for the advice, but can you explain further? It looks like on the cam lever there is a notch where its suppose to lock in. When I close it, im not sure what is suppose to be at 90 degrees... the lever itself isnt, but its in that notched area though... Thanks
  3. Neither I was on the verge of pulling the trigger on the Anvil when my father in law suprised me with the dyna-king trekker. Way better than anything I could have hoped for, or even need in the near future, but I was super excited. He also offered to give a couple of lessons next time... So I've just been looking at the vise and gotta say its a beautifully machined piece.
  4. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Really appreciate it. Sounds like I'll be going with the Apex.
  5. Hi, New here, but I've been reading lurking around a bunch. I've been fly fishing for about 5 years now, and really want to get into tying my own flies. I've searched and read on this forums about all the different vises, and have read reviews from flyfishohio and elsewhere. I've checked out my local shop, but all they carry are Regals and another brand thats out of my price range. Also, they offer a class, but theres no way I'd be able to make it there in time after work - so I'm planning on getting a couple books, and just taking a crack at it myself. So after researching quite a bit, I think I've narrowed my choices down to an Anvil Apex or a Dyna-King Kingfisher. Theres only about a 30 dollar difference between the two, however, the Dyna-King is local to me, and it makes me feel good supporting a local company. The Anvil seems to be a great vise too with a bunch of support from these forums. I fish mostly still waters, and mostly for trout if that helps any. Any input woud be greatly appreciated. dean
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