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  1. I am having some trouble accessing fly-tying videos and wonder if I'm alone. I clicked on the fly tying videos tab and tried to use the search feature. I typed in "scud" and this is the message I got: Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagination() in /home/hatches/public_html/hatches/search.php on line 40 :wallbash: Can someone help me figure this out - or at least point me in the direction of scud/shrimp vids? Thanks!
  2. I know I should be posting on talkflyfishing but I can't get in with my username and password so I'll post the question here. I am traveling to Dublin in the first part of August and would love to spend a day fly fishing. My wife will be with me and it would be good if the areas we visit have something for her as well. Can any of you recommend a shop and guide?
  3. Thanks for all your input. I am going to concentrate on light and exposure as most of you have suggested. Now for some reading and a little more shooting this week. Thanks again for your help!
  4. This is typically the kind of photo I take when fishing. How do I begin to transform my photography from this to what so many of you post? I use a new Sony Cybershot (perhaps one day a dSLR). What critique or suggestion would you make for future shots. I use the standard outdoor setting on the camera. Thanks in advance!
  5. I love lurking in the Photography portion of this board. I try not to ask too many question because great pics like this are beyond me - so I just look. However, I notice with these pics and the pics posted of the old truck (I love both these posts) that the pics have an almost animated quality. Is this effect something that happens in the development of the photo or are you capturing this quality in the actual shoot itself? Again, great pics!
  6. Winter hits and I am forced to stay inside. It is this time of year that I turn to my other passion - acoustic music. For those of you who are interested I am highlighting some of my favorite musicians on my new blog http://taptheroot.wordpress.com Not exactly matching the hatch but it keeps me sane during the winter months. Hope you enjoy it!
  7. If that the BIGGEST problem you have tying flies, consider yourself blessed. Think of all of us that tie crappy may fly wings. Now that's something to bitch about :hyst:
  8. This site has some great videos - must be a local PBS station - and though it would really help beginners - not to mentioned seasoned tyers! http://www.kwsu.org/Offers/FlyTying.aspx
  9. really, really nice work. Thank you
  10. This is your chance to hook up with a fly shop and start building a relationship. Find the closest shop - perhaps do you conversing by phone - and that the local professional get you started. That person has a vested interest in you succeeding and it will also give you a resource for future tying and fishing needs. In my experience the guys at the box stores are close to worthless because they probably bait fish and don't want to admit that they know next to nothing about fly fishing. Not that bait fishing is bad but it is kind of like asking a PC guy at Best Buy to explain the benefits of a Mac. Tying clubs are great too. And if you are man enough to admit that you are a beginner (too many people think they need to act like they know more than the do!!!) they will bend over backwards to help you out!!! Have fun, bro. :headbang:
  11. The video intro to Tom Sawyer is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I saw them a month ago in the Quad Cities.
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