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  1. I havent used them but they look pretty good. The sale is online only so they are 49.99 in the store.
  2. I agree with rstout. That just makes me mad when someone decides it necessary to fish the same run as you or the same piece of cover your fishing. I also hate when people decide its necessary to yell to their buddy so they can have a conversation even though he is 100yds away. I am out here to listen to the river running and the sounds of nature and these 2 bozos are yelling to each other they just caught a fish or just saw a fish.
  3. I would suggest to go to your local library and see if they have any fly tying books there. Otherwise check out this topic for some book ideas. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=8383
  4. I voted Brook Trout but Brown Trout is a close 2nd with Steelhead (Great Lakes) close behind that.
  5. What is the difference between regular elk hair and yearling elk hair? Only visible difference I could see was that yearling was longer. Kind of a stupid question but I couldn't find a difference myself.
  6. Awesome tying Hans! Great looking fly.
  7. My first fly I ever tied was a woolly bugger. Still have it and it has caught me quite a few bass.
  8. To me it depends on the fly and what I am tying. I use mostly Mustad and Tiemco.
  9. Fell off of fly tying last year when I got sucked into bass fishing but want to get back at it. I still tie jigs so my vise hasn't fallen completely silent. I need to pick up more materials to get back into it and plan on doing that sometime this week. I stopped by and saw all the great patterns everyone has been tying and it has fueled the fire to get back on the vise.
  10. As long as it takes. I enjoy tying flies and do it for fun and for something to do in the summer. I just love tying flies even if it takes a day or only takes a minute its just flat out fun.
  11. Some good tunes (Skynyrd, CCR, Shinedown, the blues like Muddy Waters and B.B. King, SRV and more), or TV or a Movie, and a Dr. Pepper or Pepsi.
  12. They are cool bugs. Every 13 years we get a huge cicada hatch of the periodical cicadas.
  13. This is a great feature. Thanks!
  14. One More Cast Fly Shop located in Countryside, IL One More Cast Fly Shop
  15. I was wondering the differences in the different types of hackles. Like what is good for wet flies and whats good for dry flies ect. Thanks.
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