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  1. I havent used them but they look pretty good. The sale is online only so they are 49.99 in the store.
  2. I agree with rstout. That just makes me mad when someone decides it necessary to fish the same run as you or the same piece of cover your fishing. I also hate when people decide its necessary to yell to their buddy so they can have a conversation even though he is 100yds away. I am out here to listen to the river running and the sounds of nature and these 2 bozos are yelling to each other they just caught a fish or just saw a fish.
  3. I would suggest to go to your local library and see if they have any fly tying books there. Otherwise check out this topic for some book ideas. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=8383
  4. I voted Brook Trout but Brown Trout is a close 2nd with Steelhead (Great Lakes) close behind that.
  5. What is the difference between regular elk hair and yearling elk hair? Only visible difference I could see was that yearling was longer. Kind of a stupid question but I couldn't find a difference myself.
  6. Awesome tying Hans! Great looking fly.
  7. My first fly I ever tied was a woolly bugger. Still have it and it has caught me quite a few bass.
  8. To me it depends on the fly and what I am tying. I use mostly Mustad and Tiemco.
  9. Fell off of fly tying last year when I got sucked into bass fishing but want to get back at it. I still tie jigs so my vise hasn't fallen completely silent. I need to pick up more materials to get back into it and plan on doing that sometime this week. I stopped by and saw all the great patterns everyone has been tying and it has fueled the fire to get back on the vise.
  10. As long as it takes. I enjoy tying flies and do it for fun and for something to do in the summer. I just love tying flies even if it takes a day or only takes a minute its just flat out fun.
  11. Some good tunes (Skynyrd, CCR, Shinedown, the blues like Muddy Waters and B.B. King, SRV and more), or TV or a Movie, and a Dr. Pepper or Pepsi.
  12. They are cool bugs. Every 13 years we get a huge cicada hatch of the periodical cicadas.
  13. This is a great feature. Thanks!
  14. One More Cast Fly Shop located in Countryside, IL One More Cast Fly Shop
  15. I was wondering the differences in the different types of hackles. Like what is good for wet flies and whats good for dry flies ect. Thanks.
  16. I have 2 vises a Danvise and a Renzetti Tube vise and I am happy with them.
  17. All I have seen this year was Joan Jett. I am seeing Dennis DeYoung and Eddie Money this weekend.
  18. I do. I like to use 1/32-1/80oz jig heads, marabou, and size 2/medium chenille. I also use 6/0 uni thread. And the rewards.
  19. I was hunting yesterday and got a bunch of pheasant tails and I will be getting some skins later. I was wondering what whould be the best way to preserve and treat pheasant tail feathers?
  20. I really havent done much tying with hair until recently. I am having a problem with bucktail and kiptail rotating on the hook shank. Am I not using enough thread pressure? Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks guys!
  21. What would be the best size thread for tying with bucktail, like bucktail jigs?
  22. I have tied one that looks awfully similar. I got it out of a book that came with a kit. They called it the P&P wet fly.
  23. crappiekid24


    Nice fly! Should work great on the great lakes smallies!
  24. I tie panfish and bass flies mostly. I do tie jigs to and would use kiptail for those.
  25. First off welcome to the site! Those are great looking flies. You could maybe add lead wire to the top one if you want to get more weight for it? I dont know how it would turn out. It would be trial and error type thing.
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