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  1. Great suggestions everyone. I'm making my shopping list and headed to the craft store for some foam. I'm looking forward to tying those almost as much as I am to fishing them. Can't wait to see the stealth bomber in action. I went out this am and tied on this bead chain nymph in florescent yellow w/ black rubber legs. Bass just can't let it be. I've caught bass and gill in all sizes. It's one of my go to patterns these days.
  2. I'm filling a warm water fly box for some of the local ponds. Currently I have Poppers, Muddlers, Woolly Buggers and Clouser Minnows. I'm looking for a little variety. What else would you all suggest having in your box? I have some beetles, and small nymph with rubber legs that the blue gill can't get enough of but thought I'd try to target some of the bigger guys.
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