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  1. Happy B-day and to many more!
  2. Almost all leech patterns work well. I have good luck with egg sucking leeches and wooly buggers tied fairly large. Also check out the species index link on the top of the home page to look at walleye patterns that editors have selected.
  3. QUOTE (Dble Haul @ Jun 10 2005, 08:28 AM) All I can say is that I made the point in my first post because many in here know that I am not an advocate of stinger hooks. That way my opinion about single vs. treble hooks as stingers wouldn't be construed as biased.....even if I did use stinger hooks, I would use a single instead of a treble. If I had wanted to state my opinion exclusively, I would have gone in depth like SJ and others have done. I wasn't looking for merit from the other side because that's not what this thread is about. Steve PM'd me some follow up questions that he didn't want to ask in this thread for fear of the thread turning into a debate. That was not my intention, and please don't imply that I have feelings of exclusivity on this or any matter, because I clearly don't, and you have no way of knowing what's going on in my head. First of all are you implying that you weren't being biased against stingers? I didn't see anywhere in your first post mentioning the negatives of fishing for pike with single hook flies lost fish, bad hook sets, and just as much damage can be caused to the fish, don't ride a high horse because you THINK single hook pike flies are better.. Also, You were being exclusive and reading the post was enough to confirm that indeed somebody needed to advocate stinger hooks. If you had not replied so pointedly to my post on the merits of stinger hooks it would not have ever become an issue. I guess if you can answer all the questions by e-mail this shouldn't even be a forum.
  4. I just tried Nick's ideas on a couple of flies. I really like it. It also gives the flexability to "switch" the back half of the fly. For example I tied up a couple of stingers with palmered marabou and a couple with bunny leach rear halfs. now I can use either back with either front--great idea! This really broadens fly flexability on the river. I also use standard style using a loop of wire or fluoro tied through the eye of the rear hook and tied in on the front hook. The action on these babies is really good. It gets the fish going.
  5. You may have said you didn't want it to be an argument but you did state your opinion exclusively without attempting to give any merit to the other side so it was an opinion. I was providing a counter to such an opinion, because you can type " I do not want to make this into a controversy" does not mean that you, have the exlusive right to pass along your opinion on the matter. I feel that stinger hooks are the least of the worries when catching pike, stressing out the big fish simply by hooking and landing them on rods as heavy as 9-10wt has been documented as being lethal to a fair number of the fish, especially in warmer weather--many more than those in danger of taking the second hook too deep. Indeed as S.J. posts no fishing is safe fishing--for the fish.
  6. Again I will have to disagree with Mark, in a large majority of the cases where I have taken pike on the front hook of a stinger type fly the rear stinger hook has not been taken deep by the fish but rather superficially or not at all. I think everybody needs to try it for themselves and see how it works, for some it may and for some it may not.
  7. Looks like a great pike fly. I'm tying a half dozen to put in the box.
  8. SD, Sjo great looking flies. Where I fish the water tends to be fairly colored so flash andnoise tend to be important also.
  9. looking good SD!!!! You may want to tie a couple up with stinger hooks just in case you notice the pike are hitting but you can't get the hook set. for some reason I notice this a fair amount in the mid summer months...take some just in case.
  10. Spinners often dry up and start to fall apart as they come down to the water. So far there haven't been anymay flies found without tails, they are used to classify specific species and genre of the bugs.
  11. Definitely check out trout flies by david hughs and wet flies by sylvester neimes. Welcome to the sport and the best forum out there. Have fun.
  12. Unfortunately deep freeze still odes not kill all the bug eggs and or some larvae. They can be quite resistant. I use the freeze method and then for safety I never store questionable materials (tanned or cured by somebody other thaan myself) with good tying materials. I lost a few whiting necks a while back due to infestation and was might pissed.
  13. Don't worry, the guys giving you weird looks and laughing are really tossing nightcrawlers with spinning rigs!
  14. I have a streamer that pulls up salmon and steelies when nothing else is working. I gave 1 to my buddy and he started tying them because they worked---why I oughtaaaaaa
  15. I agree with Sjo's definition, it describes the two flies exactly as I would have said.
  16. QUOTE (wilcara @ May 30 2005, 06:36 AM) I know I caught the damn thing, that is all that matters to me. Well said I agree.
  17. rougetrout

    Cool looking frog

    Thats crazy looking leaky---Are you sure you didn't have a prismacolor marker out fishing with you????
  18. I posted a fly recently that used a stinger hook called the TnA you can get to it by clicking the link to my patterns or searching the pattern database. But essentially what Will said about tying the stinger hook. There is some controversy over using stingers but they do work well for flies where you seem to never be able to set the hook--it is usually because the fish are hitting too far back. Give it a try and you will definitely have more hookups.
  19. Indeed Paul it has been shown many times over that slot limits are the best for a majority of fisheries. It would have helped save this big guy.
  20. rougetrout


    I had built a couple of rods prior to joining the site but since then all the ideas I have gotten has spawned into 14 more rods, luckily the wife took up fly fishing for bluegill and bass over the summer so now she needs more rods too...hahaha
  21. I can't imagine what kinds of metals and toxins that fish would put back into your garden if you used it as fertilizer . That fish had was no use to anybody dead but it would be fun just knowing it was out there to catch
  22. Nice tie SD. I like the egg sac
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