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  1. RDL

    Swap Box 6

    Box arrived today, haven't had a chance to open it yet, I'll have it back traveling by Saturday.
  2. Nice Ties everyone, mine arrived today, Haven't forgotten on the pics, got them, edited finally, and will get them posted asap. Thanks for a great shop on the hosting :headbang:
  3. Sheesh, slow travelers, apologize for the hold up, glad they finally arrived!
  4. Mine have already been on the Pony for 3 days and should be there very soon I would think.
  5. RDL

    Swap Box 6

    I'll update on arrival and should have a next day turn-around exceptions would be Sunday and Holidays.
  6. Having owned Dynaking, Renzetti, Regal, HMH, Snowbee waldron, Griffins, Anvil, Danvise, and a boat load of cheapies I think I can at least speak from Experience, rather then A friend heard it was junk kind of thing.. I know at least a couple here have had one generation or another of Norlander's vise, I've yet to see anyone post specific details to support the bad mouthing. Comparing current production with early models is kind of silly. Fit and finish is on par with most other vises, and from the vises I've owned only HMH was a clear cut above the rest. I've not had to use any kind of support on the Nor-vise but from what i've heard it is no problem, and you can expect great service as long as Norlander is around. Functionality, like some other vises it is a bit fussy on setting the jaws properly, once set it will hold most any hook, the optional jaws are nice but not required (much like many other vises). I own every optional Jaw set and it does make for a nicer tying experience. As for what the Nor-vise can do that others cannot, not much, maybe a couple very specific dubbing techniques. However using the vise properly can and will speed up production tying. Portability Anyone who says the vise is to big, bulky, not portable has obviously not used it to any extent. First point, C clamps are readily available if you don't like the board system. The small board Norm sells as a travel board is perfect. The size is just right, it is light, and easily moved with one hand. I can kick back in my lazy-boy and tye no problem, this is the only Vise i've had that can do this with ease. I can pick it up off the table and move it anywhere, much less effort then a heavy pedestal, or a cumbersome C-clamp. The travel board is also much more stable then any pedestal I've used. The vise can be completely removed from the board in only slightly more time then a c-clamp consumes. While this is not a stream-side vise, it is far from what a few have described. The Nor-vise is not perfect, it is not for everyone, it is neither the best fit, and finish, nor the worse. Norlander stands behind his products as well as any, and better then some. I know of nothing that can be done on another vise that you cannot do on the Nor-vise, though a few techniques would be extremely difficult on other vises. I do agree the design could be improved, and should be. Am I trying to talk someone into buying one? Absolutely not, I would really suggest trying it before investing. I would really like to hear specific details to support the negative comments.
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know my flies are in the mail, the holiday may make them a little late though, my apologies. Time is a bit short in the summer months but it is extremely hard to pass up a GOOD swap.
  8. My flies are out the door as well, barring slow travel time they should arrive on time.
  9. Flies have been done and heading to destination since the beginning of the week, should be waiting by the time Breambuster gets back, Have to get time to sit down and edit the photos now, will get it done soon.
  10. Hope everything is ok...
  11. I'll take a spot, need more practice on Sculpin patterns!
  12. My Flies should make it in time, No rush on getting them back, take care of family matters first, the rest when you can. Best wishes to you and your family.
  13. I've used a few different containers, my first choice is Altoids tins, unfortunately I only have 4 or 5 and they are often out. I have some hard plastic containers a little larger than Altoids for larger swaps, or when I figure some of the flies will be larger. I've used the Mustad hook shells a couple times, usually when flies will be small and crushing damage is not an issue, otherwise they don't do well. I do try to take into consideration where they are going, type of flies (size, delicacy, etc). About 1200 flies swapped so far since last fall and no serious casualties except a couple lost packages ...
  14. I recycle my envelopes until they will travel no more, have used plain manila, tyvek, and various padded, all of them have held up well, however the plain manila ones usually need some tape to continue. no issues so far... only interesting thing is i usually use some form of wax type paper so they are able to self seal, seems most swapmeisters miss this and tape them shut, self sealing flap and all I do usually try to send them to swapmeister in a non-padded envelope because the return padded one protects the contents. Traveling back my way are usually padded.
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